Modification Assignment

Modification Assignment

The video explains how UDL can be used to minimize modification for individual student and it has strengthened my views about differentiated instructions. Differentiated instructions help to maximize the growth of each student (Tomlinson, 2014). Therefore, a teacher should recognize the different needs, interest and way of learning of the students and respond accordingly. Students need to get the concepts everyday and the teachers should not rely on one way of teaching (CAST, n.d). At the moment, I have developed a deeper understanding of differentiated instructions. The students require all means of representation everyday; therefore, teachers should offer varied learning experiences to students. Similarly, it is ideal for a teacher not to isolate the students by providing different types of lessons for different students.

Following the UDL framework benefits both the teacher and students. The framework allows the teacher not to isolate his/her students since they need the concepts every day. Similarly, the students need to learn all the skills and when a teacher isolate students, it becomes difficult to influence the majority of the class. Also, the UDL framework allows the teacher to plan accordingly and use a balanced approach to meet the needs of the students (CAST, n.d). Moreover, a balanced approach allows the teacher not to feel overwhelmed and hence the UDL framework affects the majority of the students.

The video provides a vivid understanding of how teachers should provide a safe and adequate learning environment to all students. It will be of significant to a student if he/she is subjected to non-threatened environment. After viewing the video, I am in a position to overcome the problems I might face in the classroom. Similarly, I will be able to provide adequate education to my students while maintaining professionalism in my work. As a professional teacher, I am required to provide a safe learning environment to each and every student so that they feel secure and achieve their goals. Ultimately, in a secure learning environment, students are free to ask questions, and I will respond by providing the relevant feedbacks.

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