Moral Relativism

Question #1

In today’s society, an extreme transition is observable in the values and morals of humanity. Speaking with a friend about moral decay, the concept that describes the collapse of a civilization’s moral values, we realize that indeed we have a problem with the moral decline of today. For instance, look at the present younger generation, they attribute petite respect for the elders, authorities, and parents as well (Levy, 124). It results in the gradual acceleration of the crime rate among our young children. It is a similar reason as to why currently not at all respect is given to other person’s properties. Instead of politely requesting for something from the owner, people end up taking whatever that they want then they flee. It is more like hitting and running like if you got no insurance at all. That is our society of today.

Moral relativism is the concept that morality, positions of wrong and right, and ethical standards all have a basis of culture. Hence, it is a one’s individual choice to do the right or the wrong. People have a different opinion on whether it is dangerous or beneficial (Brody, 141). Here, though non-exhaustive, this study finds it out that moral relativism best fit “a world view” approach. It means, when it comes to morality, every person is responsible for determining for themselves which position to embrace. Just like we believe in the origin of life, so does both evolution and moral relativism aligns with one another. In creation, for instance, every creature has a selection of laws as a subject. Moral relativism articulates anything happens …then does it? Is it well to respect your elders, or to disrespect them? Thoughts?

Question #3

From a given point of view, Trump together with his supporters are known to reach moral decisions not emphasizing more on universal rights, but rather on a relativistic scale fill with tribalism. It is evident even before assuming the presidency when he made remarks on halting flights to and from certain countries in the Middle East. Irrespective of every person’s political opinions, it is significant to recognize a much mutual standing as possible. In doing this, it eventually leads to togetherness for the common decency not only to the United States alone but to the rest of the globe as well. However, President Donald Trump is not yet willing to show his ambition towards uniting the whole U.S.

There is little faith in me that Donald Trump is the solution to the array of problems ailing the U.S, I hope this does not dishearten his supporters (Brody, 127). The moment you become a racist and have support for tribalism as well, you break down your people’s moral of believing that “YES WE CAN,” yet much is still in need for them to ought to perfect it further. For Trump to be morally right, he has to recognize one America, with one people who share similar belief regarding life we live, liberty and quest for happiness.

Response to Classmates

  1. Response to Selim Kopuz,

Yes, the paper equals the guidelines. It emphasizes moral relativism, and how the world perceives it differently. In chronological order, the article uses 1st person approach all through, with the absence of shuddering moments. The paper entails a crystal beginning, the body, and the end. Apart from the way it is, I think there is no other arrangement that it best fit. Regarding topic sentencing and coherence, of course, every paragraph entails substantial sentences. Plus, one can observe the presence of their integration with proper development. Excellent job! I think I look forward to learning more from your resilient custom of transitions.

  1. Response to Samantha Varricchio

Yes, I like the facts’ arrangement as well as the clarity in the introduction, and the comprehensive body and summary. From how you organize your work, it is an indication that you are conversant with the topic of discussion, today’s moral values. It eventually makes your work to be easily understood. In your work, my impression is evident from the very concrete information you present to your readers. One easily grasps the difference between the moral values of today, in comparison to previous times. Not to forget how today’s morals affect affiliation among people today, but the paper is generally fascinating from the inclusion of simple language. Excellent job! I think I look forward to learning more from your resilient custom of transitions.


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