Moral Relativism

Question #1

In today’s society, an extreme transition is observable in the values and morals of humanity. Speaking with a friend about moral decay, the concept that describes the collapse of a civilization’s moral values, we realize that indeed we have a problem with the moral decline of today. For instance, look at the present younger generation, they attribute petite respect for the elders, authorities, and parents as well (Levy, 124). It results in the gradual acceleration of the crime rate among our young children. It is a similar reason as to why currently not at all respect is given to other person’s properties. Instead of politely requesting for something from the owner, people end up taking whatever that they want then they flee. It is more like hitting and running like if you got no insurance at all. That is our society of today.

Moral relativism is the concept that morality, positions of wrong and right, and ethical standards all have a basis of culture. Hence, it is a one’s individual choice to do the right or the wrong. People have a different opinion on whether it is dangerous or beneficial (Brody, 141). Here, though non-exhaustive, this study finds it out that moral relativism best fit “a world view” approach. It means, when it comes to mo

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