Morals: Honesty

Honesty plays a crucial role in society. It enhances the integrity and promotes a cohesive and transparent organization that is free and fair. The contradictions resulted from excessive balance from the cashier to the shopper, and none of them had an opportunity to provide immediate action. Literarily, the family has no faults or any issue reg and shopping process. It is the cashier’s fault thus should take the blame and other consequences linked to the situation. The couple, however, thinks that they should act morally since this defines an individual’s moral values. Therefore, it is essential to provide positive consequences of both parties and consider the right way.

Many issues surround the situation. For instance, the couple has much concern about the consequences that would follow the action of the cashier.

Moral dilemmas are common in life, and this is more evident in workplaces. It is a situation where an individual or a group of people have to make difficult choices between two course of actions. Either of such parties would often lead to transgression of the moral principles. Therefore, both activities require moral reasoning. The incident explained provides an example that needs similar action. The conflict of the ethical values is between returning the extra cash or retaining it since it was the cashier’s faults and the couple has no faults. The principles involved include honesty, integrity. Besides, their judgment provided from one side of the party prioritized values and relevant to the problem. For example, the wife explains various aspect where the other party could encounter negative consequences such as losing jobs. Prioritizing honesty to return the money is the principal reasons provided for the case. However, challenging instance occurred when one party was required to take moral action. Developing the required action plan is crucial since neither have a clear stand on the ethical priorities for the problem. The program is to have a consider the existing risks and the consequence of the alternative course action. For instance, it is immoral to go with the cash and this already sound to them as an unethical and dishonest step. Therefore the best action plan is to return the money and inform them to replace the required amount of money.

Living according to moral principles is difficult. However, adopting good principles and developing a consistent form of the action plan would enhance the ability of people to make the right decisions. Besides, determining the legal obligations is crucial and plays a significant role in taking the required actions. Therefore it is good to approach and explains the extent of the problems and acct according to moral principles.

A person with mental wellness can reason and empathize. Consequently, rationality enables every person to arrive at a sound conclusion concerning what is moral For example the act of taking the money might be unethical. However, the different issue results from the need for consideration of either of the two actions. Any of the choices qualify as a moral action. However, it is clear that the couple believes in moral values. Utilitarianism can be used to further make decisions in a case where the imperative is inadequate. It addresses the consequences of the action. However, the evidence presented does not consider categorical imperative. The outcomes would be positive and provide an opportunity for the affected employee to act keenly and reduce the chances of another occurrence.

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