Motivation, Leadership and Teamwork

Trust in the workplace is essential and it acts as a foundation for teamwork. Employers need professional trust in their place of work, and this entails believing that a team member is competent, has good intention and can share relevant information. Therefore, a team can effectively build trust among team members by using the following strategies. First, a team can address the pressing issues directly. When a member of your team annoys you, it is better to speak directly to that person, and this will build trust. It is important for the team members to communicate openly in an honest and meaningful manner. The leader can create team charter and encourage the members to ask questions and discuss what they anticipate. Second, you can build trust within your team by leading by example. It is only possible by trusting your colleagues, boss and the whole team. Take this opportunity to show to the team what it means to trust others.

Third, you can encourage your team to know each other personally. Members should see their colleagues as ordinary people. Also, they can create and share personal stories, and this will bond them together. Socialization especially during lunch time or after work is also necessary for the team to get acquainted. Fourth, it is very important for the team not to place blame on one another. Sometimes mistakes happen, and everyone will start pointing fingers. This will create unpleasant atmosphere and undermine trust. Therefore, the team leader should encourage the members to think of ways to fix the mistake and move forward instead of blaming someone who did it. Lastly, trust can be built by sharing relevant information. Allow member to bring ideas or share their knowledge. Sharing interest, experience and identification will provide a basis where individuals can land when a problem arises.


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