The video discusses the importance of having the knowledge of what drives an individual’s motivation in an employment setting with lesser emphasis given to the motivational factors of all the employees as a whole. Motivation does not always equate to monetary factors but sometimes, incentives can act as an important source of motivation even in a situation where an employer is not in a position of offering pay rises. These sources of motivation can take the form of engaging the employees in special projects or engaging in different forms of training like the one Dave accepts to take up. The incentives should, however, target the individual’s needs at that particular moment. Apart from incentives, Linda discusses that another source of motivation is team building. She tells David that she appreciates the work he has been doing and having a pay rise is not necessarily the only form of motivation but offering him a flexible schedule would be important. Motivation is, therefore, an important way of thanking the employees no matter the form it takes.

My primary source of motivation is my family. The love I receive from them and the fact that I have to provide for them makes them my main source of motivation. I, therefore, believe that the motivational theory that applies to me is Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Maslow’s theory requires that an individual understands the level of the hierarchy that a person is currently on and satisfy those needs at that level or above that level (Huitt, 2004). Being the main provider for my family, I know the needs of my family, and I have to work hard to satisfy all the needs regardless of the level in which the need is in.



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