The Movie Dr Strangelove

The movie, Dr Strangelove, is a slightly distorted version of the truth about the possibility of world war. It portrays the events that would follow if the world’s strongest countries had access to bombs with the ability to destroy each other. The movie deeply employs the use of satire in building up a momentum of exaggerated dialogue as the bombs promise to cause world chaos and annihilation. Ultimately, the use of satirical characteristics of exaggeration and humor serve to depict the seriousness of bombs in a lighter way.

The reliance of the film on satire to bring humor to the ever serious subject of war is highly effective. The title of the movie is particularly satirical as it depicts a person with a strange love for the bomb. It is also satirical that the character, a Nazi war criminal, has the safety of the American people at his hands. Moreover, exaggeration is highly prevalent in the choice of the title making the reader feel foolish eventually.

The satire in this movie explores the place of human beings in the community. Dr Strangelove has a connection with the community that he wishes to destroy thus depriving them of their liberty. Ultimately, the issue of justice crops up since the world does not face justice from the doomsday devices. Also, Dr Strangelove has particular inclination towards men with women only serving the needs of men in the movie.

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