Movie Posters

Movie Posters

Movie posters increase hype up the movies by hinting at what the movie entails. The films, All the films, Captain Marvel, Alita, and Isn’t it Romantic convey the themes of the movies. There are many types of movie posters, and various posters can achieve different effects. Businesses can choose various posters to promote their films according to their needs.

The Captain Marvel poster echoes the theme of the film. In the poster, the protagonist captain stands in the center, as if ready to fight an enemy unseen on the poster (Patches).  The name is written in bold red capital letters. After looking at the poster, it is evident that the fil is about a war, and she is the superhero (James). In the background are war jets which indicate fierce sky battles. The fact she is also at the center implies that she is the main protagonist in the film. Captain Marvel’s poster hints at the theme of war which is what the movie portrays.

Comparatively, Alita’s poster versions echo the theme of war. In one version, half of Alita’s face has a red marking beneath her eye (Salazar). In another version, all the important characters are in the poster, but Alita is in the middle. Alita is holding a sword, while other characters appear to be in a battle mode. Such a depiction hints at fighting, as the movie’s name, Alita, Battle Angel, suggests. The red marking beneath Alita’s eye also portrays hostility. Alita’s eyes are also firm like she looking at an opponent, ready to fight. Alita’s posters correspond with the theme of war.

Based on poster appearances, Isn’t it Romantic suggests the theme of romance. The poster uses flowers as the background, and the title of the movie is written below (Madison). The title of the movie alludes to a romance-filled movie. The flowers also insinuate romance.

The Captain Marvel poster is bright and full of suspense. It uses the classic red and blue color scheme that is notable in many Marvel posters (Plante). The poster is also glossy and bright, making it eye-catching. The Captain standing between open doors gives the audience suspense. Adding to the suspense is the cat at the bottom right corner, whose half body is displayed. The audience is curious to know what the captain has uncovered. Equally, the presence of the cat has fueled speculation about its role in the film. The appearance of the Captain, a powerful heroine, alludes to female empowerment which appeals to the masses. The marvel poster is attractive and full of suspense.

Correspondingly, Alita’s poster is attractive. In one poster version, the focus is on her eyes (“Alita: Battle Angel”). The eyes also seem mysterious, causing suspense. Correspondingly, in the version involving other characters, she is holding a sword which makes her appear powerful. Indeed, a woman holding a sword is an attractive element. Alita’s poster is attractive due to clarity and portraying her as a compelling character.

Similarly, the Isn’t it Romantic poster is attractive. It uses bright colors like red, yellow, and blue to capture the attention of the audience (“Isn’t it Romantic”). The protagonist of the movie is placed at the center and dominates the poster, making her hard to ignore or miss. Adding to the glossy appearance, her facial expressions and overall body posture make the audience want to stare at her. The poster uses bright colors and positions the heroine, making the poster attractive.

Captain Marvel has to some extent showcased innovation. There is a Chinse New Year version, which uses traditional paper cuts. The Chinese poster does not resemble the American version, as it has no heroine. Instead, a star at the center and elements like water and clouds dominate the picture (Butler). For Marvel, the Chinese version is an innovation. However, the popular western version lacks innovation. The same colors and hero depiction are synonymous with Marvel films. Captain Marvel’s Chinese poster is innovative, but there is nothing new about the western versions.

Equally, Alita’s poster is commonplace for science-fiction films. It has the elements of science fiction such as the half-human, half-machine traits that she and other characters possess (Cranswick). After viewing the poster, it is obvious that the movie is fantastical. Consequently, viewers should expect the characters to have superhuman powers. Alita’s poster is not innovative.

There is also nothing innovative about the Isn’t it Romantic poster. The bright colors are associated with romance. Coupled with the telling title, the viewer already knows what to expect. The lady protagonist is also revealing much about the film. She appears to be sulking and probably hopeless about romance (Zacharek). The poster fits the stereotypes if many romantic comedies, in which the main actor appears like an unlikely candidate of love. It enforces the stereotypes associated with romantic films.

When designing posters, we need to consider three aspects, including echoing the theme, attractiveness, and innovation. All the films, Captain Marvel, Alita, and Isn’t it Romantic, display the themes of the movie. In addition, they are attractive due to the color and presentation of the main protagonists. However, they are not as innovative as they display what the audience anticipates. However, Marvel’s Chinese is creative. The three aspects influence the perception of the audience about the film.



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