Multi-channel system of Retailing

With the development of technology in almost every aspect of life, the methods of doing business are also changing rapidly. Currently, most of the large and even small businesses have gone digital by using e-business platform to reach customers even beyond their borders.

Multi-channel is the use of several channels to market and sell products unlike the traditional means that entailed using a single mode such as the physical store to interact with the customers (Heinemann, and Christoph, 195). Also, multi-channel encompasses interacting with the customer using catalogue, emails, mobile phones, interactive Television and the internet thus making the retailers reach their customers easily and efficiently (Heinemann, and Christoph, 195). It majorly involves cross-channel interaction with the primary driver being the change in technology. Multi-channel has various benefits to customers and retail businesses. Retailers have experienced increased opportunity for growth by increasing their region of business. Companies can now sell beyond their physical geographical areas and reach customers abroad. Customers too have the chance to access a variety of goods they want easily, efficiently and all round the clock.

Some of the approaches that organizations use in multi-channel are through the creation of websites with well organized and classified information. Contemporary retailers would then reach their customers by advertising their products and services through the company’s official websites and social media sites. Precisely, they have used social media to drive the growth of the business (Heinemann, and Christoph, 195). Through advertisements, potential customers can access the products by visiting their websites.

The customer would search for information about the product and services offered before making an order. However, the channels of delivery will depend on the distance between customer and business organization. Goods can be delivered via shipping if the client is far or the client can go physically to the retailers’ outlets.


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