My life at Punta Cana

My life at Punta Cana

Punta Cana and the outskirts encompassed a terrain ideal for extensive tourism. The locality is engulfed with sound climate, habitable locals, and an astonishing spectacle regarding the sheen landscape. I quickly got accustomed to the serene when we first moved in the area. Punta offers a hot and humid climate that I found conducive for learning. I enrolled in St Louis Academy in a bid to achieve proper learning accompanied by a mouthwatering experience in and out of class. I tend to connect with nature, and St Louis offered me an opportunity impossible to turn down. The outdoor activities accompanied by exiting practical learning approach. The teachers are fun-loving and provide everyone with the avenue of self-expression. The school tradition summarises the school motto, ‘All Students Matter, Every Moment Counts.’ Hospitality is the key technicality in the school unit, commanding a great deal of respect and association with the locals. I was impressed with the free approach of allowing students express themselves; the art lovers-proper avenues to showcase their brilliance, athletes-the tools to sharpen their skills, and outdoor experience lovers privileged with many tours of sight-seeing. Apart from frequent vacations to cool off students’ heads, St Louis offered multiple school trips as a breakaway from gruesome indoor learning to a fun, coordinating, bond-making outdoor studying approach. An ideal environment never lacks an impediment. The student body engulfs a tendency I find detesting-ridiculing individuals who fall short of their standard bar of measure. The general view entailed a student being accustomed to a variety of multiple fields ranging from sports, music, classwork, and art. The scrutiny attached with activities would make an individual weak in a specific field startle. Jittering jeers and sneers would accompany a faltered trial. I found it hard getting aligned to such treatment of my fellow students which in turn landed me at loggerheads with my colleagues. Consequently, I surrounded myself with few friends (to be precise, one true friend; Michael Wright). Michael was always on the receiving end of being ridiculed, an experience that construed his timid characteristic. Befriending Michael resulted in ruffling feathers with the wrong quarters of the ‘big boys’ (students who were popular and dictated most affiliations in the schooling environment). I ended up being detested by most of my colleagues, many of them with lack of proper reason for the adversity towards any activity I engaged. One time I tripped and hurt the knee on the terrain which resulted in haphazard laughter from all quarters. Michael was not around which meant I had nobody to assist me, I ended up lifting myself and walked away without a flinch in the act of resilience. I developed an increased hatred towards the school body and its negative ideals. One fateful day, the school offered a tour to the beachside as a form of relaxation and learning experience. I enrolled for the trip given I had a liking for the wonders of the sea. Growing up, I watched multiple documentaries and studied extensively on large water bodies; a characteristic that informed my settling in Punta Cana easily and growing accustomed to the area. Ironically, my entourage (Michael) and I have different hobbies and likings. As I find viewing nature enticing and thrilling, Michael oppositely enjoys indoor activities. Convincing Michael to enrol for the tour wasn’t difficult, he came through, and we embarked on the journey together. The chilly morning offered a promising spectrum of the day bound to unfold. As we glided through the rough road, the bus was filled with excited students who chatted in awe. I, on the other hand, glared through the window captured by the fine weather and the opportunity to step away from the cumbersome school adversity. The tour would offer me the chance to connect with nature and explore the wonders of the sea regarding the sea life-marvellous plantains, coral reefs, and coloured fishes. I sat beside Michael who noticed my disposal in a far yet near dreamland. It was roughly afternoon when we arrived at the beach upon which we were allowed to munch the snacks we had packed for the day. After which we were given strict instructions on proper conduct and adherence to school regulations despite being away from the institution. We alighted, and people changed into their gears, those yearning for a swim donned their swimming costumes while those satisfied with enjoying the breeze got into their beach shorts. I stood with Michael watching the sea waves and our colleagues. I felt intrigued by those in the water enjoying their swim with some playing ball. The flash of the constant ridicule in school flashed through my eyes pushing me to grab a protective gear given I was poor in swimming. Putting a step into the warm water raised every bit of my skin as I splashed into the sea. At first, I moved with ease as I snorkelled my way through the terrain. The waves carried me forth and the deeper into the sea I got, the more difficult I found wading through the waters. I started splashing and grasping for life as I felt I was drowning. I later learnt that to my luck, Michael noticed my movements shouted for help and jumped in to rescue his friend. I narrowly escaped death as Michael and some lifeguards got me ashore. The experience made Michael stand out a hero and changed the negative view that shrouded our head. A memorable day indeed.

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