My Personal Code of Ethics

I have always sought to be a person of value to others. Each time I see a person in need, I am compelled to help.I tend to help people even when I know that they cannot reciprocate.My codes of ethics define what I believe to be morally right. I would wish to see all people happy, but sometimes I find it difficult to please everyone. I have cultivated my code of ethics based on altruism (helping others), free-will, utilitarianism, and egoism. Below are five of my ethical codes that have defined my interaction with others.

I will not Change my Personality to please others.

I believe in free-will that people have to choose what they consider to be morally right. I wish to see people happy, but when people are not satisfied with my kindness, I do not see a reason for forcing them to be satisfied.

I will treat others as I want them to treat me.

I am an ardent believer of utilitarianism, the rule of maximum happiness. I strive to be kind to others, but if a person does not appreciate my kindness, I end my commitment.

I strive to be transparent in purpose and actions, but when things do not work in my favor, I will prioritize my interests.

I am an egoist person.If I am in a dilemma and I am forced to make a decision, I will start with the choice that maximizes my interests.

I will seek continuous improvement in areas that impact me positively.

Each day I strive to be a person of virtue by improving on my skills. I find self-satisfaction when I accomplish tasks or fulfill promises that I have made from my beliefs. I detest striving to prove my worth to others.

My codes of ethics dictate how I respond to circumstances. Eventhough I strive to maximize the happiness of others, I know that happiness springs from within. When I am in a dilemma, I take time to reflect on my ethical codes and make a decision that maximizes my interests. Sometimes I ignore the suffering of other people because I believe that what I consider to be morally right may be harmful to others.

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