My preferred category of marketing

My preferred category of marketing

As the first step in marketing where I can have gathered information from the market, I would prefer using one-on-one interviews as my marketing method. After the idea of the product is conceived, using one-on-one meetings would enable me to solve problems and know the demand and wants for my product. I would also establish who my competitors are and use that information to develop numerous strategies to market my product better. I would conduct one-on-one interviews consistently and similarly to different consumers and groups of people.

I would not conduct one-on-one interviews by relying on personal questions only. I would want to ask the respondent what they think other people are saying about my product. Using one-on-one meetings would help me establish whether the respondent is a user of my product. Other methods such as handling phone surveys may not produce the most accurate of results. For instance, where my product is computer software, and I want to test a new program and know what people are thinking about it and liking it, I would do a one-on-one interview. I would get a room, install the computer and allow people to use the program. Then they would express their views on how they like it.

How practices described in the text break code of ethics.

Practices such as the ones involved in sustainability and the environment of business may break the code of ethics. Business is an activity that may influence many people, even those that are not directly linked to the company. Such influence may arise from the activities of the companies to the members of the public. For instance, actions of companies such as the release of waste products, even if it is something that is generally allowed, may lead to long-term environmental effects. Companies sometimes do not take into consideration these hazards that the cause. That in itself is a break of the code of ethics. Highly ethical companies on most occasions take into account the surrounding environment before indulging in some activities.

Why a firm may violate the code of ethics.

In the business world, the dos and don’ts may mean differently in other professions, therefore making it an uphill task to define the ethics of business for markets. Some of the codes of ethics that firms may violate include considerations in the human resource recruitments, integrity in accounting, theft, embezzlement of funds and fraud. Firms break these codes to hide illegal activities that they have been doing. For instance, when a firm has embezzled funds, it may fail to show adequate accountability. The firms may also break the code of ethics so as they can carry out corrupt recruitment of new workers.