My Reasoning on Gun Control Issue

My Reasoning on Gun Control Issue

The issue of gun control has become a significant debate in different states in America. Some states are implementing various policies that make gun ownership more restrictive while others are implementing less restrictive policies. In my reasoning, I feel that more set of restrictive policies and laws should be executed.

There are various reasons why I am opposing the ideology of people possessing guns. The most mass shooting in the United States come from legally purchased guns. From the review done by mother jones, it was evident that most of the weapons used to commit over 70 mass shootings that have occurred over the last three decades were legally purchased. This means that implementing more policies on the purchase of firearms would reduce the number of mass casualties that arises. The other reason why I am opposing the ideology of people owning guns is that some people who should not hold guns still purchase them; private sale exemption that exists in America does not check the background of the individual when they are selling the firearm.  The brand bill states that some of the private sellers sell guns to unlicensed residents without investigating whether those individuals are prohibited from owning firearms or not. Although this loophole has been restricted in various states, there is still a probability of a confined person to purchase a gun. I feel that gun control laws will stop this from happening.

In conclusion, the gun control policies will regulate, the manufacture, sale, transfer and possession of illegal guns in the united states. Most of the criminal activities experienced today is because some people are legally allowed to possess weapons. There is, therefore, a need to implement more restrictive policies on firearms possession to control this from happening.



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