My Teacher is My Idol

I want to describe my favorite idol. My teacher, Mr. Mark is my favorite idol.  He is a very organized person with well-kept hair which is sometimes trimmed to a specific height. His mode of dressing assumes the color of rainbow although sometimes he likes wearing a three-piece suit. Mr. Mark is the only handsome guy that I have ever met on earth. His voice is neither coarse nor harsh but very soft, especially while addressing his students. He has a round face with protruding, long ears that are above the oval head his eye is ever and shines like a shine like a spotlight in darkness. Interesting, Mr. Mark has medium cheekbones which support his sharp white teeth that are also chisel and saw-like.

Similarly, he has strong arms with strong muscles protruding from the lower parts like the cassava roots. His fingers are tiny although if given something to old, they close very tight. My favorite idol is always gentle in the face if not interacted.

Whilesitting, he maintains a pleasant posture. The legs and hands arrangements are orderly as if it is waiting for manner from above. It never gets dirty even after using lustful chalkboards for several hours. He is always a happy man after obtaining good results from his student. More students adore his humility and an enthusiastic attitude towards handling academic endeavors. Funnily, Mr. Mark has a potbellied stomach in the shape of the traditional Nigerian water pot with very soft skin. He walks in calculated and specific steps which are neither too long nor too close. It has a cat-like movement although he easily topples if interrupted due to wobbly, thin legs. The proportionality of the body structure of my teacher makes it attractive. For example, the head is oval with curved backside, round forehead, tiny or small legs, strong and muscled hands, flat backside and potbellied stomach is nothing but an imbalanced shape. He never smiles; his face is narrow with a full mouth and croaked that makes them hard to be exposed. It has very rough skin like the crocodile’s backsides.

Moreover, I admire him because he is ever smart and prefers ready-made clothes. Just like me, he loved drama and music especially the cultural dances and secular music. He is also a fan of football and likes playing with his students. We used to think he is petty and crafty because of his arrogance in the field, but we only realized that when he is insulted, he become very impulsive and stubborn. He is high-tempered when annoyed and can land on someone with a heavy hand although this was very rare.

Furthermore, my teacher is a straightforward and trusted person who does his duties with mild interest. When you are in financial crisis he never relents, his big heart allows him to accommodate all the students equal. At first, I was worried about strictness in time management and environmental conservation. However, later realized that time waits for no man and every second’s counts. I learned a lot from him and changed my focus towards my academic life because was ever right and his goal and objective never failed to be achieved. He was a much-focused gentleman with excellent professional ethics in the field of education.

I know a very lucky to have a teacher and mentor like Mr. Mark whom I can depend on all times. What a teacher!

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