Native Americans and the Europeans

Native Americans and the Europeans

Every country has its culture and is because of the cultural differences existing between the native Americans and the Europeans that resulted in the two communities clashing. Unlike Europe that applied new and comparatively modern ways of living, native Americans’ ways of thinking and doing things were old. The differences were experienced regarding the environmental challenge, food climate, and culture.

For Native Americans, they embodied the environment and could rarely strip the resources of the land despite them being hunters and farmers. At the same time, they ensured forest burning was implemented to allow growth and no hunting was done in depleted animal reserves. This was different from Europeans who practiced environmental depletion and engaged in large numbers of trees cutting, killed animals, and dammed streams for reserves of water.  Before the conquest, the two communities exhibited a different food climate where native Americans had a lot of interests in adopting grain, fruits, and vegetables as a source of their food. However, they were not aware of animals such as pigs, cows. Thus, as native Americans believed in vegetables and fruits because most of them were farmers with little hunting, the primary food for European was animals including cows and animals. Culturally, Native Americans lived in the anarchy system of tribes made up of families that came together to form small cultures spread over a large area.  The families were led by laws that were respected and honored since their violation attracted punishment. Their significant means of survival were nomadic hunting and gathering as others practiced agriculture and fishing. The Europeans, on the other hand, came with the idea of material objects in the land and owning pieces of the earth that the natives were against. They went with the culture of trade networks and applying new technologies that native Americans adopted later.

Thus, both the native Americans and the Europeans were different in the way the two groups perceived environmental challenges, sources of food and cultural operation. As native Americans believed in environmental conservation, Europeans depleted the sources of livelihood of plants and animals. Most food sources for native Americans were fruits and vegetables, unlike Europeans that consumed animals like cows.  Native Americans lived like families and tribes different from Europeans who lived as individual landowners.


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