Natural disaster management and community participation

Natural disaster management and community participation

Community participation plays a critical role in the management of the natural disaster. Common natural hazards that have resulted in the destruction of lives and properties, especially in a country like Bangladesh, include flood, earthquakes and river bank erosion. Typically, natural calamities have significant effects on the socio-economic status of a state, hence making people live a miserable life. However, it can be controlled and prevented through proper planning and efficient collaboration of the community. For example, the government of Bangladesh has developed various programs for avoiding the occurrence of a natural disaster, as well as reducing their impacts. Usually, proper natural disaster management strategy through grassroots participation help in the achievement of sustainable development.

The objective of this article is to determine how community participation can help in controlling natural calamities in order to achieve sustainable development goals. It further addresses the impacts of natural disasters on social, economic advancement of a country. The study conducted by Agarwala et al., 2013, natural calamities results in a loss of about 4 percent GDP every year in various countries.

This study has a well-defined variable. Natural disaster management and community participation are dependent and independent variables respectively.


This research design is a secondary analysis. This is because it utilizes information from various sources such as annual reports, literature reviews, and journal articles. This to this article, a natural disaster is an unpredicted distressing event such as drought, fire, and flood that disrupts community development.  As well, disaster management is regarded as preparedness in preventing risk involved with natural calamities.

This article states that effective disaster management program to focus on improving emergency response and post-disaster recovery thought collaboration between the community and the government bodies.


This study found that proper utilization of climate information would play a significant role in reducing the occurrence of natural disasters. Moreover, the government should consider allocating enough funds in disaster management sector.



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