Natural Disaster Outline

Natural Disaster Outline

Directions: Type your outline following this format.

  1. Title (Make it interesting):

How to Prepare for an Earthquake


  1. Introduction
    1. Start with an intriguing question or a surprising fact:

The earth experiences approximately 500,000 earthquakes per year as detected by relevant instruments.  About a 100 of these earthquakes cause destruction, and 100,000 can be felt.

  1. Briefly explain the importance of your topic to your reader:
    • Why should your reader care about this natural disaster? Why is this natural disaster a problem? (Briefly explain the problem, saving more details for later.)

People need to get more information about earthquakes so that are aware of what to do in case one strikes. Over the years, earthquakes have caused a lot of deaths, some of which could have been avoided.

  1. Write your thesis statement(How can people be prepared for this natural disaster?):

People can be prepared for earthquakes by identifying safe places to spend their time, store vital supplies and plan how to communicate with family members during the earthquake.


  1. Definition:
    1. Define the natural disaster (example: What is avolcano?).

”An earthquake is a geological event in which rock masses below the surface of the earth suddenly shift, releasing energy and sending out strong vibrations to the surface” (Environmental Encyclopedia).


  1. What causes this natural disaster?


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