Natural Law Application

The basic principle of natural law states that “good is to be done and pursued, and evil avoided.” According to Aquinas, every human being has the law within themselves and cannot afford to be ignorant of it. The principle means that any individual who understands the difference between “good” and “evil” will prefer to choose the good over evil. However, there are some things considered universal human goods. These are the actions and choices considered morally ethical by all human beings. They are easily distinguished from evils. Moreover, the universal human goods are rational to every human being.

From the analysis chart, the first option before Dr. Dow is to employ new staff. However, hiring new staff leads to the loss of jobs for the other team which is an interference of the universal human goods of work. The second option is to relocate the health facility. The choice will result in increased construction costs, cost of transporting patients and requires a plan. However, it does not interfere with the universal human goods. The third choice is to quit the profession. It will result in the loss of professionals as well as health care services to the patients. The, therefore, violates the universal goods of nurses caring for the sick and denies patients a happy human life. The last option is to relocatethe ICU unit of the hospital. The option reduces the healthcare services to patients who need the ICU unit. Additionally, transferring the ICU unit would make the former staff lose their jobs which is a violation of the universal human good of work.

In conclusion, Dr. Dow should choose the second option of relocating the facility. Relocating the whole facility will ensure that the staff retains their jobs. Besides, patients will continue receiving health care services from the hospital. Therefore, human goods such as a healthy social life for the patients will not be violated. Similarly, nurses will have their universal human goods of work and play. By taking the second option, Dr. Dow will be doing and pursuing good.




Option 1

Employ new staff

Option 2

Relocate health facility

Option 3

Quit profession

Option 4

Relocate ICU unit


Dow and Ana



Need to train staff


Construction costs


Career change


Reduce health services





Loss of income



Reduced development in the region


Loss of professionals


No effect





Increased trust


Cost of transport


Lack of health care services


Lack of ICU services





Loss of jobs


Migrate to new areas


Change career


Loss of jobs





Recruit new staff


Plan construction


Revoke business


Reduce managing staff

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