Necropolis Chapter 1

Necropolis Chapter 1

The first chapter of necropolis introduces us to a young girl who experiences trauma and tragedy at a very young age at the hands of violent men who claimed everything her family has ever worked for living them in ruins. It was here that the girl realized that the only way she would be able to protect herself is if she had power. She felt that power was the ultimate gift for her to have and with the power she would never again be in a position to anything and everything she held dear. She then decided to seek power at whatever cost necessary, and she traded a sword from IBIS to be paid up with anything, and everything IBIS wanted when time to collect came. The sword gave her the power she felt she needed but immediately after unleashing this power she felt more alone than ever.

My thought on the chapter is the fact that there is is no guarantee for safety in this world. The young girl thought that if she had the power, she would be invincible but turns out the price she was required to pay by IBIS was too steep even for that kind of power. The Fact that she did not know when IBIS would collect her payment would make the anxiety and the weight very unbearable for the young girl.

At first, the young girl did not care about anything rather than taking the power that was taken from her back. IBIS des nit her price but due to desperation, she does not care how steep the price might be just on the potential power she could acquire. However, she came to realize that no amount of power could fulfill her and she also felt emptier than she thought she would feel after she took back the power from the people who destroyed her home and her family.

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