Needs Assessment

A needs assessment entails collecting and analyzing information to determine the issues and constraints that exist in a population (Royse, 2009). The resources available to complete a needs assessment include the time and the expertise from the team members to carry out the project. Similarly, a needs assessment requires monetary resources for an outside consultant and other operations (Royse, 2009).

The scope of a need(s) assessment depends on the type of project. The availability of resources will ensure that the planning committee achieves its goal. The resources will help to fill the gap in services by conducting a quality and useful assessment.

With limited resources, I will develop an evaluation based on priority targets. I will focus on a small-scale program by carefully selecting the assessment project. I will concentrate on using team members with expertise and involve them in evaluation development.



Royse, D. D. (2009). Needs assessment. New York: Oxford University Press.

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