A good relationship between employees in any organization, as well as a good relationship between the coexistence of various companies, is essential. Through an excellent internal relationship, an organization is more likely to obtain internal networks and external links. As an employee in the sales marketing department, I standout different when it comes to my effectiveness and competence as one of the company’s marketing agents.  I am an introvert by nature and therefore not much of a communicator, and I have faced several challenges in trying to network with clients as well as other companies interested in partnering with us.  This is because I have been a staunch believer of the first myth of network building which states that we are required to communicate more to build more networks. Because I believed in this myth, my overall ability to competently perform as one of the employees was inhibited. I always took the back seat, and I was unable to obtain clients while marketing the company not knowing that this was only but a myth.

However, the reality is it is not necessary that one becomes more social and more of a communicator to build up networks. Even though being social and communicating more are essential in creating more networks, it is not a must for someone to make a face to face contacts to build a network. I intend to use social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to connect with more customers. I choose to market the company by creating an online networking club using these platforms that I will be inviting individuals to join while talking about the overall achievements of the company. A considerable number of the world’s population currently uses social media and thus, recruiting members into my online social club will not be too much of a task. By marketing the company on social platforms and recruiting more members to join my networking club, I am more likely to obtain more clients who in turn will even aid me in marketing the company.  Having more club members means more network. With this kind of strategy, I believe that within no time I will be able to create more external networks that will then make the company a well-known company across nations without necessarily interacting with clients face to face more often.