North Country

Moral Breach: According to the film “North Country,” the moral violation by the firm was gender-based discrimination. Women vulnerable to losing their jobs as a consequent of the abuses they underwent in the company. This is why some of the Josey fellow female workers chose to bear with such abusive conditions so that they secure their jobs. Even though they were protected by the law, these women felt they could do nothing to improve their working conditions in the company.

The actions that the women were subjected to was a proof that the civil rights governed by the law was being threatened, and the law was unable to effectively improve the women situation in the society. Consequently, male gender dominated the work environment of mine. his goes to show that the rights granted to citizens of the country as a result of the civil rights movement had still not managed to uproot the patriarchal nature of the society. In the male dominated work environment of the mine, picking on women is all in a day’s work. Surprisingly, the company’s management team was very slow to respond to search acts. In fact, they failed to recognize the severity of such behaviors despite their knowledge about the actions. Instead, they worsened the situation by not accepting women at a higher job ranking


There are several strategies through which the company could intervene to solve moral beach in the working environment. Fast, the company should have a well-defined procedure within their systems to solve workers complain related to such acts. Secondly, the company should make the workers aware of what constitute discrimination in the work, take complaint seriously, and acting promptly once such complaints are reported. Finally, it is the responsibility of the company to fight against the inherent prejudice against opposite sex, so that female employees are given equal merit in the work

Ethical Breach: The organization violated its ethical responsibility to provide a safe working environment for employees. Based on the movie, the company did not offer security and safety especially to female employee, leaving them vulnerable to harassment by their male counterparts. For example, an unnamed female worker controlled a heavy machine uninformed that the device had a print on it which advertised sex for sale. However, due to the fear of losing their jobs, women could not take legal actions against the firm. The company, on the other hand, failed to implement procedures for women to air their complaints regarding sexual harassment. Moreover, the management of the firm did not take any prompt actions against male employees who engaged in ethical violations.


Similarly, to remedy the ethical beach, the requires to be active about welcoming women and promoting women to higher job ranks. In this regard salaries should be monitored frequently to ensure equality and security in the system. Furthermore, the company should ensure a proper enforcement of existing national regulations that counter discrimination and improving equality in the work place, to help improve employment security for women. Lastly, the company should spearhead awareness-raising campaign concerning preconceptions related to employing women and abilities to provide an assurance of women job security in the work place in the workplace.




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