NR500 Week 2: Collaboration Cafe

As an MSN prepared nurse, you will be looked at by the team to develop policies based on evidence. Master’s-prepared nurses are expected to lead and role model the implementation of evidence-based practices that promote positive change.  Please discuss and address the following questions:

  • What value do you see in evidence based practice?
  • How might it improve care and patient outcomes?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your instructor will be monitoring the Collaboration Café but not participating as this is your opportunity to give and receive feedback from your peers. The Collaboration Café is graded this week (50 points). There are no scholarly references required in this discussion format. Please see the guidelines and grading rubric below.


Evidence-based practice (EBP) has great value to not only nursing practice but the healthcare system at large. Its impact has been felt across nursing practice, science, and education. EBP’s value is founded on its ability to integrate current, best, and available evidence clinical expertise, and patient values in a judicious manner in care delivery (Mackey & Bassendowski, 2017). EBP encourages personalization of care as it takes into account the patients’ values and preferences. It forms a strong foundation for ethical professional nursing practice. More so, it helps nurses to examine and seek evidence for every aspect of healthcare practice, the existing policies, ethical-legal frameworks, guidelines, and procedures………….

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