NR500 Week 4: Leadership: Establishing Relationships and Influencing Change

NR500 Week 4: Leadership: Establishing Relationships and Influencing Change

This week’s focus is on developing foundational interpersonal skills that will prepare you for professional practice as a leader and change agent. As a leader, how will you influence change in your professional specialty area? Identify two strengths you have that will promote strong leadership. Identify two areas of improvement to your skill in leading and influencing change. What are two priority strategies you will implement to improve and/or enhance your leadership skills?


As a leader, I will influence change within my specialty area through various actions. To begin with is by acknowledging and appreciating the expertise of others to build trust and accelerate our efforts towards the realization of mutual goals. Secondly, I will work in collaboration with my colleagues to establish and solidify effective relationships with them. Thirdly, I will practice active listening so that my colleagues and followers feel respected and listened to. Lastly, I will be sure to maintain open and constant communications with my colleagues.

My two strengths that will promote my leadership are self-awareness and communication skills. Through self-assessment and reflection, I have come to understand my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. This self-awareness will enable me to work with others with different strengths and weaknesses more effectively and efficiently…….

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