NR501 Week 3: Steps of Concept Analysis

NR501 Week 3: Steps of Concept Analysis

Select a nursing concept, supported by a nursing theory, and address the following components included in a concept analysis:

  • Definition of concept
  • Identification of three attributes of the concept
  • Description of one antecedent and one consequence of the concept
  • Identification of two empirical referents
  • Brief explanation of theoretical applications of the concept (How is the concept relevant to a nursing theory?)

This information does not have to be comprehensive but provides a foundation to the upcoming assignment. Be sure to include scholarly references.


The concept selected is caring. The supporting theory is Jean Watson’s theory of caring.

Definition of concept

Caring in nursing means to look after or show concern, empathy, and compassion to other people who are unable to look after themselves such as the sick, the elderly, and young children (Cook & Peden, 2017).

Three attributes of the caring concept

There are various attributes of caring. Among them are action, attitude, and the therapeutic relationship. Action describes the steps and procedures conducted in delivering care. They include assessment, diagnoses, treatment, and documentation. Attitude, a particularly positive one, fosters the delivery of care by enhancing care providers’ self-confidence, strength, resilience, commitment, courage, and love for self and those receiving care.

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