(Solved) NRS 434VN Week 5 Assignment – Benchmark Human Experience Across the Health Illness Continuum

(Solved) NRS 434VN Week 5 Assignment – Benchmark Human Experience Across the Health Illness Continuum

Topic 5: Health Assessment of the Older Adult

The benchmark assesses the following competency:

Benchmark: 5.1. Understand the human experience across the health-illness continuum.

Research the health-illness continuum and its relevance to patient care. In a 750-1,000 word paper, discuss the relevance of the continuum to patient care and present a perspective of your current state of health in relation to the wellness spectrum. Include the following:

  1. Examine the health-illness continuum and discuss why this perspective is important to consider in relation to health and the human experience when caring for patients.
  2. Reflect on your overall state of health. Discuss what behaviors support or detract from your health and well-being. Explain where you currently fall on the health-illness continuum.
  3. Discuss the options and resources available to you to help you move toward wellness on the health-illness spectrum. Describe how these would assist in moving you toward wellness (managing a chronic disease, recovering from an illness, self-actualization, etc.).

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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The health-illness continuum is a graphic representation of human well-being. This is a concept that was first proposed in 1972 by John Travis. It tries to depict how an individual’s wellbeing is more than just the absence of illness. Wellbeing also incorporates one’s emotional and mental health (Archer, 2017). According to Travis, it was insufficient to solely use the standard approach to medicines where there is an assumption that people are well when there are no symptoms or signs of disease. The arrow to the right showcases movement towards high levels of wellness. This is more of an increase in the level of wellbeing and health that is achieved through the steps of awareness, education, and growth. Arrow to the left, on the other hand, equates to a decreasing state of health. It is attained through the steps of signs, symptoms, and disability (Archer, 2017). The health-illness continuum shows its importance in relation to health and development of human experience while caring for patients.

The health-illness continuum is an important perspective to consider when it comes to health and the general human [cmppp_restricted] experience when caring for patients. As a nurse, one is always inclined towards wanting the best for their patient. This is something that the continuum can help actualize. It is our job as nurses to help the patients find the relevant inspiration coupled with their driving factor in order to put them in a path that promotes better health (Grand Canyon University, 2018). The health-illness continuum is a favorable tool for nurses since it can help the patients to plan, visualize and achieve set goals for a healthier lifestyle. A nurse’s responsibility is not only treating a patient but also involves educating the patient on how lifestyle choices and prevention can help in actualizing health and wellness (Archer, 2017).

With regards to my overall state of health, currently, I think it is good and favorable. The reason for this conclusion is because I currently do not have any form of chronic illness, medical treatment, physical problems or prognosis among other things. Even going beyond the physical dimension, my ability to perform is okay, my ability to adapt is also okay, and I have also developed a positive attitude towards varied things in life despite the prevailing situation. There are several behaviors that support my health and well-being. Among them is always ensuring that I am taking a balanced and nutritious diet. This is something that helps to protect against certain types of diseases and boosts my immunity through some minerals and vitamins in the diet. Screening for diseases that are likely to present risk often has also helped in being in a favorable health state. It is usually easy to deal with a disease when it is in the early stages as opposed to when it has fully developed in the body (Miller, 2013). Engaging in activities that give me a purpose and connection to other people has also helped. I have also come to engrain a lot of positivity in my life. A positive outlook makes it possible to appreciate what we have. It even becomes easier to manage stress with this attitude since one can see the positive things in their life hence bring the desired happiness and joy through appreciation.

Currently, I think I am at the neutral point of the health-illness continuum.   I have several options to help move towards wellness.  To actualize the awareness point, I will have to look at myself objectively to help me know my real self. Another thing is that I will always keep a journal where I write my thoughts, feelings, failures, and successes and this will help me move forward in my achievements. This will be coupled with the habit of writing down plans, goals, and priorities all the time (Oflaz, 2011). Performing daily self-reflection and practicing meditation will also help me actualize the awareness point. I will then work to move through the education and growth stage. To actualize the education point, I am now proceeding with my degree. This is in conjunction with trying to gain knowledge from other diverse resources like books, journals and learning from people’s experiences among others about different things that are relevant to life. I will then move towards the growth point when I will have the ability to combine what I have gained in the awareness and education points and apply them appropriately.

Managing chronic disease is something that would easily enable me to move towards wellness. This is because management of chronic disease would require health literacy that encompasses the application of a range of skills to comprehend, access, communicate, evaluate and act on relevant health information to ensure better health and well-being (Poureslami et al., 2016). Health literacy is something that requires one’s awareness and education hence enabling movements towards wellness in the health-illness continuum.  Self-actualization, on the other hand, helps people in fulfilling their potential and talents. A self-actualized person knows their core strengths, learn how to remain in their own center, have the ability to craft a personal vision of who they are becoming, have personal development plans and have high self-esteem among other things. These are things that come with awareness hence help in moving towards wellness.



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