Nurse Educator Practicum

Nurse educators play a critical role by engaging the students in leaning and improving their skills. They act as mentors in upholding quality care for their students.  Nurse teachers use several approaches to be effective in quality improvement. They use clinical, legal and evidence based data to influence the continual growth of nursing practice and growth of nurses. The educator’s also use the learner’s feedback to empower them to be strong practitioners. Nurses are therefore, obligated to adhere to the required standards of professional performance at all times. The educators must also be dedicated towards the maintenance of continued development of the learners. The educators must come up with new strategies to accomplish some of these objectives regarding the student. The collaboration of the teachers and the learners can lead to the delivery of better services to the patients.

There are several behaviors associated with my practicum experience. The first one is the issue of professionalism where one should be responsible for his or her actions. It also means that the experts will be judged according to their conducts shortly. Another behavior that may be required for this practicum is care. This is where one is supposed to show interest and concern for other individuals. It will make the patients feel appreciated and loved by the people who they serve (McGonigle et al., 2014). For instance, educators can show the learners that they care about their performance and quality improvement. Another critical aspect, in this case, is the issue of respect. It also involves listening to others accurately and seeking any clarifications where necessary. Additionally, one should also have integrity. One should be honest and act morally while handling various tasks.

Various approaches can be used to achieve competency in nursing. First, educators should equip learners to carry out tasks well. As a result, they will perform their duties well because the chances of making mistakes will be minimal. Competency can also be attained if the learners are allowed to share ideas among themselves. This is a common phenomenon whenever the students conduct class discussions in class. (Schoenfelder & Valde, 2009).

Additionally, it can also be attained by if a person adheres to the laid down rules that govern the nursing profession. Also, it can also be enhanced by understanding the needs of the learner. In this case, the teacher can use the feedback of the learners to address some of these issues. Proficiency can also be attained looking at those areas that need improvement. It can help in making the learners more accurate in whatever they do.

Besides, other behaviors should be included in my teaching. Some of them include interpersonal relationships and socialization. These behaviors are essential in the education of nurses because it is a profession where one is expected to work with the members of the community (Kohlbry, 2016). Socialization is also essential as it assists in bringing people together especially in a classroom environment.

As an educator, I can meet competence through continuous professional training. This can enable me to get new skills that I did not have previously. Another approach is to expand skills and knowledge during my career. If I was an educator, I could have met the issue of competency acquainting myself with the new developments in the field of nursing. Finally, I could share ideas with other experts in my area of specialization.



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