Nursing and Its Predicaments

Nursing and Its Predicaments

Nursing is a career in the health sector that involves caring of a person, a family member or the community to achieve, enable and restore their overall wellbeing. On the other hand, a nurse is a person who is educated to cater to patient, and he/she is responsible for giving and monitoring patient care, provide vital information to families and patients regarding health, he/she also provide medicine subscriptions and treatments and also enlighten those who are healthy on the issues of preventative measures and healthy living. Nurses have a significant role in a hospital because they are the main channel of communication between the doctor and the patient. Cheng, F. K. (2015)

However, nurses are facing many challenges in their line of duty which most of the times become less productive. One and the primary problem I have seen them face is long shifts; Nurses are the main backbone of a hospital since most of them are required to prolong working hours, some would even go for eighteen to twenty hours a day. Keshet, Y., & Popper-Giveon, A. (2016).  Most of them suffer from chronic back, leg and shoulder pain and this may also lead to long-term mental conditions, like cardiovascular issues and diabetes due to extended shifts. Most nurses who overwork are not able to deliver excellent performance in them, and you will find suffering from daytime sleepiness, fatigue and impaired mental function and they will at the end administer wrong medication to patients. Natan, M. B., Sharon, I., Mahajna, M., & Mahajna, S. (2017).

To curb this issue of long working hours in the hospital, I would suggest that the hospital management ought to hire more qualified nurses, this will make their work faster and save much time. Minimise the number of patients admitted in the hospital; this will make time to handle each patient thus better performance. Increase their salaries/allowances. Also, the hospital management should keep appreciating its employees so that they may feel motivated.






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