Nursing Management And Leadership

The best tool of communication is you (Kowal, 2013). Therefore, before you approach the management, it is essential to collect data from relevant trials as well as innovative literature to check your ideas to build a concrete case (Kowal, 2013). After the collection of data and organization of a strong case, you can then put the case in a visual presentation like the PowerPoint that has all the researched details about the subject (Kowal, 2013). The next useful step, in this case, is presenting the issue to my peers during staff meetings because it is much easier to get more useful ideas from them for the incorporation of corrections if any. However, if you get to have all my peers on my side, then it will be likely that the upper management will accept the idea. It is also vital to ensure that the story is human in the sense that it should be appealing to the emotions of the management.

The next important step is to prototype for the solution to be more concrete (Kowal, 2013). You can realize this through the evaluation of costs such as labor, equipment, time as well as skills. It is essential to know how you will be able to cope up with inevitable feasibilities and the deploy abilities (Kowal, 2013). Remember the management will always be glad to reduce the costs and risks attached to new ideas, therefore, suggest pilot research funded by a grant or under the finance of the internal project (Kowal, 2013). It is not right to ask for immediate approval from the management. It is also essential to identify the gaps and limitations that exist as well as objectives with a clear guideline on how you intend to realize the objects. The final step will be now to present the information verbally to the management accompanied by evidence in the form of statistical data in the visual graphs as well as the employees’ accounts.



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