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Post a summary of your search. Describe what topic you selected, the search term(s) that you used, and the number of results found at each level of the hierarchy. Compare the types of information found in the articles from different levels and the value of the information from each level. Highlight a useful tip that you could share with your colleagues about conducting an effective literature search.

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Systematic Review

Several clinical practices are based on the findings from the systematic reviews. Systematic reviews provide the researchers and clinical practices the highest evidence levels that can be found (Polit & Beck, 2017). When it comes to the hierarchy of the systematic reviews, the hierarchy used was a Cochrane Systematic Review database. From the initial perspective, the search term used was “evidence-based practice” as general terms that yielded one hundred and thirty-three results. I found the articles that were related to evidence-based practice and its importance in health care. Othergeneralized terms gave results including Public Health Practice "EBP in chronic prevention" and the  "high-quality system review." it was important to use the articles that were pediatric related. The systematic filter review found three articles that had both terms of “EBP” and “chronic prevention.”

There were a few articles that pertained the topic of discussion as expected. The other searches did not yield the results. A systematic review is the highest level of evidence research that can be used (Walden Uni

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