Nutrition Care Process


Nutrition Care Process is basically an organized method of analysis that dietics experts use to gravely think and decide to solve problems concerning with nutrition and provide secure and productive nutritive guidance. Through data collection, questionnaires on food intake and exercise and checking of health history, it ensures an individual obtains the necessary amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Overnutrition is mostly as big compared to undernutrition.

Data can be collected in various ways as follows. Food/ history determines types and amounts being consumed. It gives an idea of the living conditions and see the individual’s reaction if there was a change in diet. Biochemical data reveals mounts ingested though a Basic Metabolic Panel. Anthropometric data collection involves measurements e.g. weight. I would recommend subjective data because it would tell eating habits, patterns hence assist in introduction of suggestions.

I agree with the choice of tools. All of them combined will be effective in knowing which foods are consumed, amount, body weight and several other factors hence once can easily come up with new ideas for proper nutrition.

Substrates for parenteral nutrition are free fatty acids and glucose. Glucose is mostly used because it is nutritionally efficient, easy and safe to use. It is also a major circulating carbohydrate energy source used by most body cells.



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