Obama Care Policy

Southern California is made up of ten counties in the southern part of the state of California. The area, otherwise abbreviated as SoCal is proof of the importance of health reforms in changing the fortunes of Americans. The area is highly populated at more than 22 million people forming 60% of the entire California population. The problem of high population is particularly challenging in the administration of high quality healthcare. In addition, about 5.7 million people in California were living in poverty with a majority being in Southern California (Lowrey, 2012). Moreover, the cost of living is among the highest in the US making most of the needs inaccessible to the poor families.

The challenges facing the state are partly solved through the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 which covers the wider United States. Development of the Affordable Care Act was necessitated by the problems that had engulfed the healthcare care system in the country. California was among the states that felt the negative effects of the system that prevailed initially. There was no fair treatment coming from health care providers as at that time. Health care insurance was not affordable and accessible to many Americans. There was a lot of discrimination with regards to gender and other prevalent issues.  Aspects of medical underwriting, benefits cap, exclusion due to pre-existing conditions and coverage exclusions also gained prominence during this period. This paper is an analysis of the policy in place to address healthcare problems as well as the implementation of the policy and its success in improving the general level of healthcare in Southern California. In this undertaking, the paper will review literature in gaining an understanding of the nature of the problem and the success of the policy problem. Further, the motivations behind the enactment of the policy will also be used in exploring the implication of the policy on the lives of the people. Particularly, the link between the policy and the solution of the problems identified will be established and recommendations given.


Health Care Problem

The level of healthcare within a particular state is determined through the access to the different types of healthcare service providers in time to address the healthcare problem. In this regard, the existence of health insurance is a critical aspect in the development and sustenance of this access. In fact, research has shown that people with health insurance are much more likely to benefit from preventive services including regular checks and immunizations. All these benefits contribute towards the reduction in the severity of the illness as well as the costs of treatment. The importance of health insurance in a community is also visible through the support of larger healthcare infrastructure translating into higher job creation and the improvement in the amount of taxes collected within the community. California performs fairly well in terms of healthcare access but is faced with challenges in environmental health. Surprisingly, Southern California is worst hit as it takes up the bigger share of the problems. These challenges have the capacity to affect the normal operation of an entire state thus resulting in huge losses in the process. Although the state ranks at position seventeen in terms of health, there are disparities between various classes. The access to healthcare is also limited among the blacks thus inhibiting early detection of the problems and the subsequent treatment of the ailments. Eventually, the state is left behind in terms of economic development as its population becomes weaker in the face of diseases and ailments.

The problems of healthcare before the enactment of the ACA were far greater in Southern California as analyzed through a number of factors. For instance, the life expectancy in the state stands at 77 years compared to the national life expectancy of 78 years. Clearly, the problem in healthcare cannot be underestimated as the infant mortality rates are also higher than the national averages. The access to healthcare as well as health insurance coverage is also lower in the state of California posing increased challenges in healthcare provision. The state wa

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