The Obesity Epidemic is America’s Greatest Ongoing Crisis

The Obesity Epidemic is America’s Greatest Ongoing Crisis

The title of the article is “The obesity epidemic is America’s greatest ongoing crisis”. It is written by Dan Carroll. The article was derived from, and it is a current one since it was published in 2015.

The source does not seem biased in any way. To begin with, most of the information provided has been supplemented with evidence to showcase the facts. This evidence is in the form of figures that show evidence of various claims. The opinions are also not one-sided. The negative effects have been outlined together with the positive effects. On most cases, something with various advantages certainly has its disadvantages.

In summary, the article is all about the effects that come along as a result of obesity. It has various health effects on the people involved and also bears a negative impact on the economy. By 2010, 35.7% of Americans were obese. This number has certainly increased. Among the health implications of being obese is the possibility of acquiring certain diseases like hypertension and diabetes. This results in increased health care costs. Health insurance also goes up for such individuals. However, there are people who still gain from these circumstances. These are people producing items related to coping with obesity.

The best evidence from the article that can be used to show these aspects is how 35.7% of Americans were obese by 2010. It is also outlined that overweight Americans tend to spend $1,400 more per year compared to normal citizens in matters to do with health care. Obese people spend even more with $2,700. Another statistic that provides this evidence is that obesity-related health care expenditure costs around $190 billion every year. This is more than 20% of the country’s health care costs.



Carroll, D. (2015). The Obesity Epidemic Is America’s Greatest Ongoing Crisis. 6. Retrieved February 5, 2016.

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