The Obesity Epidemic Poses a Global Health Threat

The article’s title is “The obesity epidemic poses a global health threat”. The article was published by Rita Carey in 2011, which means it is quite recent. It has been obtained from

The article is not biased based on its way of presentation. The information contained in this article is known to the public to some extent. Most people do not know the exact facts and figures, but they are aware of some details regarding the issue at hand. There is no any indication that the article wants to intrigue people to buy anything based on its contents. This is because there are no Ads being promoted.

To summarize the article, it is all about obesity as an epidemic that stands to affect the global health in one way or another. The article has cited various aspects that lead to obesity and has also suggested various possible solutions to help eradicate the issue. According to the article, obesity triggers include too much calorie intake, poverty which results to wide-scale consumption of energy-dense foods, less physical activity among other things. Among the solutions suggested include increased emphasis on health promotion, the creation of programs in institutions that encourage physical activity, reduce calories produced by large corporations among others.

Elements of this summary are evidenced where the article mentions that being obese has become like a norm. This is due to the prevalence of the number of obese and overweight people in Europe, United States,   as well as Asia and South America. This means that it is something with a global effect. The article also states that in the United States the number of children suffering from obesity has tripled. When it comes to the causes of obesity, it has been postulated that America’s average daily calorie intake has increased by 10% since the 1970s. Every American is estimated to have access to almost 4,000 calories each day. World Health Organization (WHO) also found out that increase in Body Mass Index across the globe is positively correlated to surplus calories.


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