Obligations and Moral Behaviors of Lawyers

Obligations and Moral Behaviors of Lawyers


In-the-ear 1996, Dwayne Betts was given a sentence of 90 years after he was found guilty of carjacking. The judge told the 16-year old that he could learn something from their sentence. Despite this, Dwayne wanted to change the world and decided to become a writer. When he was released in the year 2005, heroes numerous poetries and memoir. He graduated with a bachelor of arts and became a graduate from Yale school of law. He also became a husband and a father of two boys showing that he has fully changed. Betts passed Connecticut state bar exam and has been a public defender for the black people. He is a true representation of the belief in second chances. Sadly, the state bar denied him any form of admission because of the 20-year-old record of conviction. People will question why people with criminal records should not be allowed to re-enter society so that they can serve others. Dwayne has accomplished the best that you could as he took an advantage that was given to him as a juvenile offender to make positive choices in life. Instead of celebrating the accomplishes that he had made like others, he decided to become a lawyer so that he could rectify the mistake that he did 20 years ago.Because everyone is prone to mistakes, ex-convicts with criminal records like Dwayne should be given a second chance in the community and be allowed to serve aslawyers in thecountry.This paper will focus on Obligations and ethical roles of lawyers based on the life of Dwayne Betts.

Why ex-convicts deserve second chances

The first reason why Dwayne Betts should be allowed to serve this because he paid his dues within the society that demands that the criminals are charged accordingly.   He served for stealing a car for eight years in prison; he had paid the dues as required. He, later on, became an essential member of the society as an award-winning poet and a changed person. While considering the ethical roles of lawyers, it is necessary to reflect what the profession itself means. Professionals are people who have intellectual knowledge and interests of the other people especially if they are professional lawyers.Theoretically, lawyers apply the knowledge to benefit other people who are vulnerable and need help. Lawyers have a reputation for having higher ethical obligation than other professionals, especially in this profession.  The lawyers have to be ethical to the law.There have been several cases where the lawyers have had to make difficult decisions (Weiss, 1). The mainrole of the justice system is to allow people to reform so that they can become better members of society. Because lawyers are responsible for the interpretation of the law, they are expected to leave according to the demands of the law. They are also expected to show the experiences of selling thing the conflict between the clients and also maintaining the public interest.

Criminal records

The fact that he cannot succeed with the application to the bar shows that the current policies and processes are limiting people from becoming fullyintegrated into society.  Criminal history is making the situation difficult. This shows that the current process offers unequal opportunities for people with past records.  The process is not equal for everyone. It is always a question on whether the lawyers with criminal records continue can be allowed to practice law in the country. The main roles of the punishments are to rehabilitate people into better persons. Hence, he should be allowed to serve. Arguments that support that the lawyers need to have perfect records to serve in the judiciary are not fair to everyone.The subject in this article was involved in a carjacking activity. T is always such records that divided the opinions of the people.  Hence, those that have poor records should not serve. Many people are concerned about corruption within the judiciary system.



In conclusion, the case of Dwayne Betts is an accurate reflection of what takes place in society. Numerous people have not been able to integrateto the society because of their records entirely. However, I feel that these people should be given a second chance in the community so that they can serve just like the others.  Dwayne Betts had a record to his name of having been involved in a carjacking and was sentenced before he eventually became a lawyer. It is evident that due to their roles within the community, lawyers have a great obligation to behave morally than other professionals and lawyers with criminal records are not be allowed to continue to practice law in my country. This is a policy that should change. The main role of the justice system  Is to rehabilitate people so that hey can integrate t the society again.. this is what has to change. And lawyers are not different. From one side, their role in society makes it impossible to have a blemish to their name. At the same time, they are human who can sometimes be sentenced unlawfully.If they can prove their changes and innocence, then the lawyers have the right to serve the people.



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