1. General Description of Occupation.

Funeral attendants offer assistance to mourners in activities such as attending to the caskets, transporting the deceased to a funeral home, registering the death of the dead. They also have to carry the bereaved to funeral parlors or wakes where the funeral services are being held. Furthermore, they clean and drive the hearses during the funeral procession as well as carrying and arranging flowers to be used during the funeral.  They also must maintain the funeral homes, issue and store funeral equipment. They ensure that during the funerals services run smoothly as planned and the deceased is given a decent send-off.

  1. Describe economic advantages of the occupation — for example, high pay, vacation time.

One requirement of being a mortician is that it requires limited education for you to become a good funeral director. It can be a good option for people who want to start their careers as soon as possible though with limited education levels. It is also a good job prospect as everyone dies which is a sad reality of life. No matter the state of the economy, a funeral attendant is bound to stay in business. It is also not a competitive market which establishes job security.

  1. Describe the economic disadvantages of the occupation — for example, long hours, low pay.

The main cons of being a funeral attendant are that the working hours are often long and you are always on call. Moreover, the work can be emotionally draining due to the stress one goes through from taking care of the deceased to dealing with stressed bereaved members. The growth rate is also slow compared to other employment opportunities in the market.

  1. Describe the general earnings potential for this career.

The overall earnings for this pay are comfortable especially when you compare the levels of education required versus the payment. The salary also depends on knowledge and experience. The best paid can get about $54000 per year.

  1. Describe the general ability for participants to move up in this career.

The job growth in this field is a bit slow. However, there is a chance for funeral attendants to grow in their career path as their job requires taking up training after some time to enable one to preserve his license. These training allow a mortician to become a funeral director who oversees all the activities of any funeral parlor. With this knowledge then one can open his or her funeral parlor.

  1. Describe the general education requirements for this career.

Though many people can enter the field without a post-secondary degree, some funeral directors require their workers to have an associate degree in funeral service or mortuary science. Some funeral directors will look for employees with a bachelor’s degree. To be an excellent funeral attendant, you can take courses in biology, business and, chemistry, and participate in public speaking.

  1. What is “Long Term Outlook??” Describe how this occupation is growing and improving. What does the future look like?

A career in funeral service can be promising in the future as it is a continually growing industry. The sad reality of life is that death is a continuous thing, so funerals are bound to occur now and then primarily due to the increase in the causes of death worldwide. No matter how the economy is, funerals ware bound to happen, and the business will still prosper.

  1. Describe the general knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required by this occupation. Describe the personal characteristics that are needed to be successful in this position.

The knowledge and skills required are public speakings, active listening to enable you to know how to console the bereaved members, Social Perceptiveness which will help you understand why some mourner react the way they do and Service Orientation to help you actively look for ways to help people. This must also be accompanied by integrity, compassion, customer service self-control and the concern for others. A good funeral attendant is also gauged by his time management which is an essential skill that one must have.

  1. Earnings Potential/Average Yearly Earnings /Starting Pay/Max Pay

Yearly earnings range from $24000 to $54000 depending on the level of education and experience. The more the background, the more the pay. This also goes for education. A funeral attendant with a bachelor’s degree will be paid more than the one with an associate degree.

  1. Work Requirements/List & Explain Work Tasks /List & Explain Work Tools/Technology

Work requirements are to ensure that everything runs smoothly in a funeral as planned. The funeral attendants also ensure that the funeral parlor and hearses are maintained and kept clean. Work tools used by funeral attendants include Autopsy tables, Hearses which comes in different types of vehicles such as Limousines to transport the casket, Dating or numbering machines, conveyor rollers and Cadaver lifter or transfer devices which are used to lower the coffin.

  1. Describe the benefits of the position. Medical, dental?

It helps one interact socially with people and provide them with emotional support at their difficult moments in life. The aspect of offering comfort to people during trying times can be rewarding for this type of occupation.