Occupational Safety and Health Administrative Agency in E-Project

Occupational Safety and Health Administrative Agency in E-Project

E-project refers to the initiatives which involve designing, implementation and it is also used in ICT application for organisational purpose. On the other hand, Occupation safety and health administration usually refers to OSHA. It is among the Laboratory Agency of the United States of America that has the responsibility in ensuring there is safety in the places of the work as well as ensuring that workers in the United States of America are working under healthy conditions. The reason for using this agency is because it makes sure that the employees have better working conditions, it helps in setting out of standards to both men and women, and it also makes employees feel much secured since they are operating under safe conditions. The agencies also protect both private and public sectors from being injured, from getting the disease and also prevent dying of the workers in the workplace because of heavy work. Instead, the agency ensures that while in the E-project employees are comfortable when working and they can freely work together as a team.

Yes, I have used e-Government services such as computers and the internet. The use of equipment, it was a good experience since I gained the skills and the knowledge of using a laptop which as a result I could use the knowledge to perfect the designing and the work of ITC among other work that needed experience of the machine. Internet was also important since I could access the social media such as the twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram and as a result, I could use to post the materials that I design and also letting people know what I usually do it ICT. Since the E-government involves the use of electrical communication device in providing the services to the public, it was an excellent experience to make use of the E-government because it made a significant impact on my side and to the public, since they could access all the information I was communicating.

Code of Federal Regulations (the Regs) refers to a yearly publication which is coded to the standard and stable system that is printed in the central record through the section of agencies of the central management. Steps used to find the code of federal regulations. That is the First step, proposes a regulation. The work of the agency in this step is to research on the matter of rules as well as suggesting where necessary an instruction is commonly recognised to observe the projected lawmaking. The suggestion is usually scheduled in the central list for the associate to consider as well as giving back their observation. The second step, EPA thinks typically the comments made and later issue them to the final rule. Once the member of the public makes comments, there is a proposed regulation that is released, it is again revised accordingly and later issued to the final rule to be published in the official docket of FR and EPA’s on the government regulation (Kusumasari et al., p 15).Step three coding regulation in the code of federal laws. The moment those regulations are completed; they have to be written in the Federal statute and the final rule. It is put to the code of centralised control then codification is done on those regulations, and the federal government conducts them typically. Division of small pieces of tithes is made into fifty volumes.

Concerning the regulations of occupational safety and health administration agency is that Act is a law that was passed in the year 1970 and the purpose of those rules was to encourage the safe working conditions for the workers In the United States of America. , and it was to set the standards as well as performing an inspection at the sites where the jobs are.OSHA  has approved that the agency of the state is of help in standardising the employees in the workplace. The act further provides that the plant and machinery that employees work they should be in good conditions to avoid the harms that are likely to occur. Other than ensuring that both private and public employees are all protected the act requires that the duties given to them should be according to their abilities and capabilities and so every employee has a right to chose the department he or she has specialised.

Creation for the occupational safety health Agency is described in section 19 of the OSH in act 1970. The Act usually makes the federal agency to be responsible for providing a safe and working condition that is safe. The main aim of this agency is to ensure that all employees remain under good working conduction and a healthy one as well. The function of the agency involves, setting the standards the employees, always listening as well as responding to the worker’s appeals, Publishing of the research as well as ensuring that are safe in the workplace. Also, it provides there is training and educating of the employees. Finally the creation of the occupational safety health agency issues the hazards alert which help the workers in keeping the safety in the workplace.




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