Odyssey Response Paper

The Odyssey is an epic poem about a Greek hero Odysseus on his journey back home. Odysseus faces many challenges all through his journey, and the problems grow his wisdom and problem-solving abilities. Book 10 of the poem includes Odysseus’ experience at the Aiolia Island the home of the ruler of winds. Odysseus observes the immoral behavior of the ruler such as the marriage between siblings and continuous feasting of the island. He, however, appreciates the hospitality and generosity of the island’s inhabitants. This paper is a response to the Odyssey with focus on the marriage of siblings, feasting and the art of retelling of epics.

After sailing for many days, the Achaeans led by Odyssey come to Aiolia Island. The island is the home of Aeolus, the god of winds. Odyssey and his shipmates are received at the island by the ruler. He notes that the ruler has twelve children, six daughters, and six sons. In book 10, Aeolus marries his daughters to his lustful sons. According to Odyssey, marriage among siblings is wrong. Moreover, in line 10, these young lords of the island feast together with their parents in merrymaking. The Greek hero is unimpressed by the immoral behavior of the island’s ruler and his children. The host’s house is filled with feasting, and later the brothers sleep on the same bed with their sisters.

Odyssey and his crew stay on the island for about a month. During their residency, the citizens of the island make odyssey feel welcome. They question him about his experiences during the wars. In line 16, odyssey retells the epics to the people of Aiolia Island. He narrates to them about his experiences at Ilios. Besides, odyssey tells tales of the defeat of the Argive ships. The people also question him about and the return of the Akhaians. Odyssey also narrated the tale of Troy to the ruler in great detail. The incidence shows odyssey’s ability to tell stories and the significance of his war experiences.

Furthermore, upon announcing his intentions to leave the island, Aeolus offers odyssey a bag made of ox hide. The bag in line 22 of the Odyssey shows the significance of odyssey’s stay at Aiolia Island.  The ruler ensured that odysseys crew got the provisions they required for their journey before they set off. Noble metals in line 26 of Odyssey are shown when the ruler binds the leather bag onto the ship with a silver wire such that no wind can blow it away. Moreover, odysseys comrades believe that the leather bag has gold and silver. After giving the crew provisions, the ruler of the island bids odyssey goodbye as they depart from the island.

Odyssey and his shipmates depart from Aiolia Island and sail towards their home Ithaca. Ten days in line 33 is the period it takes odyssey and his men in the sea before they begin to see their home. In the ten days, they work continuously sailing both day and night. Therefore, they are exhausted on their arrival on the tenth day. Due to exhaustion and hunger, odysseys shipmates are suspicious that he is carrying gold and silver as gifts from Aeolus, the ruler of Aiolia Island. Therefore, they tear apart the leather bag. In line 43 of the Odyssey, the crew observes that odyssey is welcome everywhere they go. However, the other members of the team are not welcome. Therefore, they question why Odyssey receives better treatment than them yet they have all traveled the same journey and fought the same war.

The temptation in line 51 of the Odyssey makes the ship crew untie Odysseys bag. They believe that Odyssey has received both gold and silver in the bag as gifts from Aeolus. However, the weather at the sea changes and there are roaring winds and hurricanes. In line 56 of the Odyssey, fear grips the crew. Moreover, odyssey loses sight of his homeland and therefore begins to despair clenching his teeth. The ship is drifting and on the verge of sinking. Odyssey wonders whether he should hold on and fight for his life or let go and drown in the harsh sea waters. He decides to lay down as the ship continues to drift back towards Aiola where they had come from.

In summary, the Odyssey is an epic poem about the struggles of Odyssey, a Greek war hero on his journey trying to get home. In book 10, Odyssey and his crew land in Aiolia island where they receive a warm reception. However, Odyssey does not like the immorality of the ruler Aeolus who marries his sons and daughter and feasts with them. During the stay in Aiolia, Odyssey narrates the tale of Troy and other war stories to the ruler and other people. He receives gifts on his departure wich arouses temptations in his shipmates who are empty-handed. The poem shows Odyssey’s growth of wisdom as he faces various challenges.