Online Collaboration Concerns

Online Collaboration Concerns

The Information Technology field is an industry that can thrive on collaboration since it easily connects employees remotely. Workers, however, perceive online collaboration while working on projects to be a sensitive matter. Often, issues on privacy concerns, data leaks, application-layer vulnerabilities, web-based threats, and other threats are raised by the employees when assigned tasks that need them to collaborate with other teams remotely.

It is essential for the company to address the potential concerns of the staff as well as other network vulnerabilities before launching any project requiring remote coordination among workers. Online collaborating platforms are easy targets of sophisticated attacks especially if they are of high value such as this one.

The staff at the company’s headquarters should expect certain social challenges such as inconveniences of receiving spam messages arising from the new users added to the remote network, personal identity exposure since they will have to share their email address with multiple people on the network. Also, the possibility of personal data leaking in the event of a breach on the company’s collaborating tools and network (Internet Society Organization, 2015).

Various measures can be put in place by the company to reduce the potential for problems from collaborating online. One would be to ensure data is encrypted and the decrypting keys are held at a different location only known by a few such as the coordinators of the project (McClure, 2019). Another measure would be to include software- as- a- service services from trusted vendors to host the company’s collaborating tools and the project data. This would act as a backup plan in case anything happens to the in-house servers. Also, training the staff on safe ways to work and share files over the collaborating tools could build their trust in connecting remotely.


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