Online Education: Which is the Best Software for Online Teaching?

Online Education: Which is the Best Software for Online Teaching?

Digital learning has become a standard model of learning in recent years. The model offers a flexible instructional delivery system that encompasses any education that takes place via the internet. However, for an effective deliverance of online learning, there should be electronic learning software to enable the deliverance of courses and instructions. This research is therefore based on finding and knowing the best software for online teaching. There has been developed software for teachers to use in the classroom whereby online teaching platforms depict the classrooms.

What makes an online teaching software successful is its ability to provide a platform that favors establishment, storage, delivery of learning materials, monitoring and also tracking the progress of the learners later then monitors certification. Teaching software should also be compatible with all the collaborative tools.

Teaching software can create a link between the tutor and the students; thus the task meant for learning process can be undertaken online. All tutors have to create an online tutoring platform where the students can enroll and register a variety of courses. Students mostly tend to choose the best educational learning software which is efficient and most reliable to them. Good software also ought to offer excellent quality services (Thi 2019). Some of the online teaching software are;-

Docebo, this is one of the best online teaching platforms that are known for providing a variety of online services. It offers training programs in different areas such as healthcare, manufacturing, processing, IT and technology to their customers. Docebo also allows users to manage and schedule for their training lessons, exchange of content between the parties and this platform also has a form of offering certification and rewarding high performers.

Tutor room is leading online teaching software. This is room assigned for a tutor to meet their tutors. It is best in offering a cutting-edge level of a classroom that has an interface that is friendly to the user. The class has features such as video chat, messaging and other collaborative tools. It has got the best apps for teachers where the teacher can upload notes in the form of PDFs, and they can also monitor tests.  According to Thi (2019), tutor room offers education software for schools, Online School Software which can be run using computers and smartphones.

Computers in schools can also be used in customizing the tutoring software to meet the requirements of those with specific needs through their program. Furthermore, Tutor room is also known for offering excellent quality services hence rating it best among others.

Another Best online teaching software is Mind flash. Mind flash is mainly concerned with contractors and resellers. It has eased and efficiently enabled the way of uploading video files, PowerPoint, word and other forms of documents. Mind flash is also designed to accommodate a wide range of training programs since the progress of learners is monitored in real time by a sort of automated quiz scoring. This platform is more accessible when it integrates with sales force which is cloud-based online teaching software.

The last is AdaptiveU, this is online teaching software that was able to inspire a large number of students and tutors through the learning process. It has also encouraged many students to show a lot of interest in online education. It allows tutors to find and store massive amounts of data that is continuously used by the students to facilitate their learning through online platforms.

This software also allows the tutors to inspect and monitor the progress of the students and offer tests thus enable the teacher to know students’ state of mind. AdaptiveU connects the students and the tutor via interactive video and messaging.















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