Online Network Marketing

Online Network Marketing

The organization deals with technological products and services. The products involved are only software hence there is no physical movement involved. Services, on the other hand, range from web design, logos, banners, selling ads among others.  The company intends to invest in online network marketing. This service is seen as a favorable way of reaching the global market, and making gainful profits in the process. The service also suits the type of business being conducted by the organization.

Network marketing is a model that necessitates the development of a distributor network to help build a business. This form of marketing tends to utilize independent representatives to reach potential consumers that the organization otherwise would not reach. The sales representatives are usually encouraged to develop and manage other sales agents by recruiting and training them on how to execute the desired actions (Molnar, 2015). The agents tend to earn commission from the sales that they make on the company’s products or services. There is also a commission earned from the revenues generated by the sales agents that they have recruited to their network. When it comes to online network marketing, an individual is given a personalized URL that helps to show the sales that came from that particular person. There is also the provision of a referring URL, which indicates that a certain individual joining the sales network was referred to the company by so and so. This helps to keep track of sales representatives that have been recruited by existing agents (Molnar, 2015). The sales agents are supposed to promote products or services found on the company’s website. They can do this by placing the relevant links to their personal websites, social media accounts, and blogs among others. These links tend to redirect potential clients to the company’s website so that they can make purchases. The company is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the clients get the best service possible as promised by the sales agents.

This service is worthwhile based on the nature of operations that the company is usually involved with. The products and services offered are technological in nature. There is a wide range of software products. Most of the i

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