Online Network Marketing

Online Network Marketing

The organization deals with technological products and services. The products involved are only software hence there is no physical movement involved. Services, on the other hand, range from web design, logos, banners, selling ads among others.  The company intends to invest in online network marketing. This service is seen as a favorable way of reaching the global market, and making gainful profits in the process. The service also suits the type of business being conducted by the organization.

Network marketing is a model that necessitates the development of a distributor network to help build a business. This form of marketing tends to utilize independent representatives to reach potential consumers that the organization otherwise would not reach. The sales representatives are usually encouraged to develop and manage other sales agents by recruiting and training them on how to execute the desired actions (Molnar, 2015). The agents tend to earn commission from the sales that they make on the company’s products or services. There is also a commission earned from the revenues generated by the sales agents that they have recruited to their network. When it comes to online network marketing, an individual is given a personalized URL that helps to show the sales that came from that particular person. There is also the provision of a referring URL, which indicates that a certain individual joining the sales network was referred to the company by so and so. This helps to keep track of sales representatives that have been recruited by existing agents (Molnar, 2015). The sales agents are supposed to promote products or services found on the company’s website. They can do this by placing the relevant links to their personal websites, social media accounts, and blogs among others. These links tend to redirect potential clients to the company’s website so that they can make purchases. The company is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the clients get the best service possible as promised by the sales agents.

This service is worthwhile based on the nature of operations that the company is usually involved with. The products and services offered are technological in nature. There is a wide range of software products. Most of the individuals consuming these products are internet users. This means that they will find it easy to access the products and services via online network marketing. Sometimes people come across something on the internet that they do not deem as being important to them as at that time. However, they know one or two friends that would benefit from the product or service. This approach provides them with the opportunity of fulfilling the needs of their friends as they earn some commission. Another aspect is that as a buyer, one can also earn some money by acting as a sales representative. This would mean that most of the purchases that they make in future will not come out of pocket, but the commissions generated from the sales that they have enabled from other consumers. Another aspect that makes this service worthwhile is that it can be carried out by anybody. There is no experience needed. A sales agent only needs to have access to a computer and internet. Most people are currently busy on different social media platforms and blogs. This means that they already have an online presence exhibiting a substantial following. The only thing they will do is to convince the audience to purchase the products or services being offered.  Online network marketing can also be done on a part-time basis, which means it will not hinder an individual’s day job.

The first criterion for choosing the audience is that they are internet users. This is because all the activities will be done online. The audience will comprise of both the young and the elderly population. Internet users are important since they have already established their own networks over the period that they have been using the internet. It has become their way of reaching out to people and creating new connections in the process. To some, it has become a necessity for their day to day activities. People working as expatriates take this as an opportunity to communicate with their families and friends abroad to help keep in touch with the things that are going on over there.   This means that this audience will help in reaching as many people as possible around the globe. A survey conducted in 2015 indicated that 84% of the adults in the United States use the internet. The same study showed that 96% of people aged between 18 and 29 years used the internet (Molnar, 2015). These figures give an indication of how the internet has been adopted even in other countries around the globe. However, the internet usage patterns tend to differ when it comes to age demographics. This will mean that different approaches will be used to reach the desired audience. For the young adults between the age of 18 and 29 years, the approach that will be used to get to them is through social media platforms. This will mean placing advertisements on social platforms that encourage them to join the online network marketing. Choosing social platform as a way of reaching them is because majority of them use social media on a daily basis. It has a favorable personal appeal and creates the ability to reach as many people as possible. For the audience over 30 years, use of blogs and online news outlets will be a favorable way to reach out to them. This is because this audience has the affinity of reading content online compared to the younger ones. Placing advertisements in these areas will be more appealing and will help in ensuring that they take them serious.

In order to establish credibility, the first thing will entail a sufficient and accurate description of how the online marketing network will work. The description will entail what it is all about, and what it is not. Some people confuse network marketing for pyramid schemes (Molnar, 2015). This is not a pyramid scheme in any way since no one is receiving funds for merely referring customers or recruiting other sales agents. There has to be a sale of a product or service for a commission to be earned. This means that funds to pay consumers are available as and when the commissions fall due. Another way of establishing credibility is ensuring that the commissions for every agent are paid within a specified period. This will be done twice a month; during the mid and end of the month. Ensuring that all the relevant payments have been made during these periods will be favorable for creating credibility. It will entice sales agents to build their networks since they are assured of receiving payments for their work.

The appropriate channel to disseminate the message to people that might be interested to join the online marketing network is through the internet. The internet provides people and businesses with the ability to reach as many people as possible in quest of expanding their ventures. The networks created can operate on a global level. The relevant platforms to be used on the internet will include websites, social media, video marketing, blogs and E-mail marketing among others.

Choosing the internet as the channel of delivering the message was determined by the audience, purpose and context involved. To begin with, the network marketing aims at reaching the global market. This is because the company wants to sell its products and services to people all over the world. This will increase the sales levels hence boost the profits. There is no need for shipping since the products involved are software. This will make it feasible for the company to sell its services and products to overseas markets without incurring extra charges.  The only tool that can make this possible is the internet. People have online networks that spread across different countries on different platforms. The networks are endless since the people in their circles have their own networks that comprise different people and this goes on and on. The purpose of the online network marketing is also to ensure that the company gets consumers that buy technological products and services online. The internet is the only tool that can ensure this happens. The wide coverage accorded by the internet enables the reach of various technology enthusiasts; something that would not be possible while using other means of communication. Even the largest brands that have a physical presence in different countries rely on the internet to ensure they sway as many people as possible.



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