According to William Knarr and Major Robert Castro’s Institute for Defense Analysis paper: The Battle of Fallujah, Al Fajr-the Myth-buster, the Sunni town, Fallujah, has approximately 259,000 individuals and lies 40 miles in the west of Baghdad. Fallujah is a major stop along the Syrian and Jordan to the Iraqi capital and has ever challenged authority throughout its existence. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, it revolted against the Ottomans, in 1920 against the British Mandate and also intimidating Saddam Hussein; thus it is also called the untamable or renegade city. During Iraq’s invasion in 2003, Fallujah was not of concern; the U.S only wanted a way of dethroning Saddam Hussein and disposing of the Weapons of Mass Destruction. The U.S President ordered all the Iraqi operations to end by May 1st, yet the inhabitants of Fallujah never welcomed that due to the critical activities in the town.

The coalition deemed they emerged victoriously and started the renovation process after the war and never prepared for anything else. Various reports show that Fallujah had initially been friendly to the Coalition when its army entered Iraq in March 2003 before quickly changing, that’s according to Mr. Saif Rahman. On the 28th of April 2003, the coalition army attacked a group of demonstrators and killing many individuals in response to the small antagonistic assaults. With that led to the birth of insurgency that had a diverse background; foreign fighters, Baath Party members, former military members, and the extremist associations like Al-Qaeda. They had a cohesive objective of undermining the efforts of the coalition forces and create violence in the nation. Fallujah’s proximity to the capital made it prime for the insurgents to develop command and control locations facilitating them to interrupt the foundation and legality of the new Iraqi regime

Setting the Stage

            The U.S stated Iraqi’s strategic objectives with three phases as short, medium, and long term. According to President Bush, short time is creating consistent progress in fighting terrorism, tackling political milestones, crafting democratic organizations, and setting up defense army. When it comes to the medium term, Iraq is in the frontline fighting terrorists and securing itself with an entirely legitimate regime in place and is on the course of achieving an economic potential. Longer term, Iraq is united, peaceful, secure, and fully incorporated into the global society and contributes to the worldwide fight against terrorism. Fallujah would predominantly be among the areas of interest in Iraqis campaign as its operational milieu never existed following the conflict. The city never had a local regime; law enforcement lacked the right tools, the profit of the local economy came from farming and unlawful dealings, sectarian cruelty confounded the society, and the control of the information domain was by the insurgents. The Multinational Corp Iraq (MNC-I) military planners started the operational level arrangement to reconstruct and stabilize Iraq.

The marines were familiar with Fallujah given that they had assaulted in the spring of 2004 to drive out the insurgents and surrender the city to Fallujah Brigade following the demise of four contractors that attracted the attention of the world. The Fallujah Brigade lost the first battle as they unmarked their post taking with them all the equipment thus leaving the insurgents securing the city, and would then prepare to execute another operation known as Operation New Dawn.

Major Gen. Richard Natonski during his interview claimed that the mission of the 1st MARDIV was to assault and obliterates the anti-Iraqi army in Fallujah to institute the ultimate local power. The commander planned to set the city as an insurgent asylum, establish provisions for the city’s local authority, and sustain the MNF-I’s endeavor to safeguard the moves to Baghdad. The operation was to initiate the stipulation s for the January 2005 elec

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