Operations Management Case Study

Q1 Starwood hotels and resort uses a top-down approach towards identification and solution of its customer-related challenges. The organization employees various strategies for the process, which include commitment, measurement systems, tough goal setting, education, communication, and customer priorities. Firstly, Starwood is committed to ensuring that it provides the best services to its customers. For instance, it carried out a departmental survey where the customers are the participants. The hotel went ahead to implement the findings and recommendations of the studies. For instance, Starwood launched the Sheraton Service Promise Program in Canada and the US as recommended in previous surveys. Further determination by Starwood is evident when it involved its Six Sigma team to use DMAIC (Defining, Measuring, analyzing, Improving, and Controlling) method to create a significant change because the previous plans failed to improve experience and customer satisfaction to the required standards. All these processes and determination are an indication of Starwood commitment towards quality improvement and maintenance.

Secondly, the organization ensured that its systematic measurement procedures have timeframes and result evaluation. For instance, a time limit was set for responding to service issues within fifteen minutes of a guest’s stay at the premises. Besides, Starwood set monitoring and evaluation procedures between twelve and eighteen month

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