Operations Management Positions

  1. Financial Center Operations Manager, Albuquerque, Bank of America

The Bank of America has declared a vacancy in the financial center operations manager who will earn a yearly salary ranging from $40,000 – $75,809.  Those holding a Bachelor’s Degree in a business-related field will be considered mostly. Also, the company will highly consider an applicant who has bilingual skills, and experience in financial services, hospitality, and mortgage services. Besides, the applicants should possess multiple skills such as having the ability to work in a client-focused and outcome-driven environment, solving problems independently, and with proficient computer skills. Lastly, a person who has self-motivation and is ready to work in collaboration with other employees in the company will have more chances of retaining his/her job for a longer period. As such, applicants should consider the skills mentioned above among others which are essential for an employee in a big organization like the bank.

Apart from possessing the necessary skills for a financial center operations manager, the application will be expected to work towards enriching the mission and vision of the organization. Therefore, he/she should contribute to building a friendly workplace where other employees can access all the required resources to support the development of the organization. More so, the applicant will be expected to engage other employees in adequate training so that they can be in a position to perform their tasks based on the laid down standards. Lastly, the applicant should be prepared to work forty hours in a week, and also be reliable at any other time that he/she will be called upon to provide his/her services to the organization. Also, the company will help the applicant to train on specific organizational requirements through adequate mentorship.

  1. A Position of Human Resources Operations Manager at the First Republic San Francisco

            The First Republic Bank of San Francisco is in need of a human resource operations manager who is ready to work hand in hand with its regular clients to improve their satisfaction. The applicant will earn a salary of about 66, 000 dollars per year. Therefore, the applicant should be self-motivated and work with a passion for the betterment of the First Republic Bank. He/she should undertake the assigned duties and responsibilities accordingly. Such duties include leading and managing the growing team of workers so that they can understanding their roles in the organization, collaborating with other organizational departments such as the HR Information Systems, and maintaining documentation in all the activities going on in the company. Mental and physical requirements include the ability to see and hear properly, coherent speech for good message and report delivery, and also able to travel in a limited capacity.

Besides the duties and responsibilities mentioned above, the applicant should have a specific qualification to be considered for the job. He/she should possess a Bachelor’s Degree, have experience in designing measurable processes and apply the required technology for operations efficiency, and be able to manage people in the organization. Moreover, he/she should qualify to work in a competitive environment and still achieve set goals. As hinted, the applicant should be able to partner with stakeholders outside the company and also work collaboratively with the team members so as to achieve results. Lastly, he/she should be excellent in oral and written communication skills so as to in a position to pass messages effectively to different levels in the organization.


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