Opposing the Death Penalty

The death penalty is the act of being sentenced to death for murder and other serious crimes that are punishable by death. When the person is found guilty for a particular sin that he has done, the punishment should be put on him/her depending on the crime done other than making him/her face the penalty of death as a punishment. In my argument, I do not support the death penalty.

First: According to the rights of a person it is against the law to kill. According to the constitution, every person has the right to live, even though the criminal may be found committed a big crime it is not a requirement that he may be punished by facing death, but instead he can be punished using another punishment that is equivalent to the crime he had committed. For instance, the judges can decide to punish the criminal to be letting him stay in prison for a certain period. The act of punishing through the death penalty it shows inhuman, discrimination of people or even the torture and therefore the judges should prefer going for other alternatives ways when punishing people.

Second: Using the death penalty to punish criminals does not stop murder. It could even worsen the situation since the family, and the relatives to the person who is punished by death might decide to ravage and hence in the process of revenging they may end up killing innocent people whom they think make their person to face the death penalty. As a result, it is even preferred that when a person is caught having killed another person, it is better to put them in prison for all the years they will live. In prison, they will learn a lesson of lacking freedom where they will be advising their family and friends not to repeat the same mistake because the freedom criminals enjoy outside there was the best as compared to the prison where they are working for the government with no payments.

Third: The action is not civilized. Making a person face the penalties of the death may not show a good behaviour since many people may not prefer it, instead of jailing the criminal for many years may make other people fear to commit crimes. The person found guilty should be imprisoned in prison depending on the crime he had committed ( Lambert et al., P 16). The death penalty was mostly used in the early days when people were not well educated, and so the judges could decide to punish the criminals using death. Since they are well trained and they know the rights of the people, they should not advise the killing or criminals instead keep them in the prison since they will be now the government property. In case the government needs any work to be done they will always use the criminals without paying them hence saving the costs they could have spent on funding of the workers.

Forth: Prison is the worse punishment; Prison is believed to be the worst place to be; this is because there is no freedom, criminals do a lot of work without being paid, they eat little food and the food that is not their own choice as well as lacking time to spend with your loved one. Instead of making a person face the death penalty as a way of punishing, it is better to keep them in prison. They will always regret all the days of their lives why they made those mistakes, and in case those criminals are given any chance to be out again, criminals will never repeat the same mistake they had done before. Instead, they will advise their family and friends always to utilize the freedom they have in the right way since prison is the worst place they would like to be again.

Firth: It may take too long to kill someone: People who are in charge of executing the criminals may take a long time to kill them, and so they make the advantages of letting the criminal experience a lot of pain before killing them which is inhuman. Instead of killing, they should set for them a heavy duty that will make them not to repeat the same mistakes when they are out of prison. Also since criminals are like other human beings and in most cases, they suffer mental, the programs of mentoring them should be in prisons to mentor them and ensure that they are mentally stable.

Sixth: When judges are making the final decision they may make the wrong decisions and hence end up killing an innocent person. When an honest person faces the death penalty is wrong since other people might have used force information for him to be killed because of the issues they may be having among themselves. Also, people may decide to use corruption in favor of some people, and that is the reason why  I am against the death penalty hence saying that let all other punishment to be applied if a person is found gilt other than using the death penalty as a way of punishment.





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