Organ Donation and Transplantation

Organ transplant is the surgical process of removing a donor’s organ and placing it on the recipient. Organs that can be donated include the heart, pancreas, liver and the kidney. It is an important medical intervention that seeks to replace failed or damaged vital organs. While it is one of the greatestadvancements in modern medicine, the number of recipientsexceeds the number of donors thus triggering many debates. The following paperhighlights the ethical dilemma in organ transplant and also offers a way forward of dealing with the ethical questions.

Dominguez et al. (2017) explain that the moral right of the recipient is tied to the decision of the donor. Removing organs from living patients creates an ethical dilemma where there is the risking of a healthy person’s life with the goal of alleviating the chronic condition. The factors leading to the failure of the organ further determines the moral right to receive a Transnet. Organs failures linked to reckless living such as drug abuse may lower the recipient’s moral right. There are alsoinstances where organs are harvested from dead persons thus lowering the ethical dilemma of the processes.

Dominguez et al. (2017) infer that the choice of who gets an organ ought to depend on both the chances of survival and the decision of the donors. There are cases where a healthy person donates organs to their family members. In such a situation, it would be unethical for the health care providers to give the organ to other patients on the basis of survival. However, there needs to be a determination of the chances that an organ transplant will improve the health condition. The objective of this consideration is to minimize the waste of vital organs.



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