Organizational Culture of Wayne State University (Michigan, US)

Organizational Culture of Wayne State University (Michigan, US)

There are various cultural artifacts of organizational culture at Wayne State University. The Academic Mace of Wayne State University is the primary cultural artifacts. The mace is 51-inch consisting of layers of carved ebony. These layers are held in place by a tubular shaft. Other artifacts include the Wayne warrior flag consisting of the green and red colors, pictures, and images of academic staffs and founding members, and the student handbook. These cultural artifacts are a representation of what the university values- its cultural artifacts. The ceremonial made protects and proclaims the values of harmony, truth, and justice. The Wayne warrior flag represents values value for life, love, compassion courage, passion, and wisdom. The student handbook and the picture gallery represent the values of respect and integrity.

Departmentalization with the university has led to several subcultures. The faculty of medicine and the faculty of law are some examples of the subcultures within the university. Each of these subcultures is guided by different norms and values distinct from each other. Like Wayne States University, Oakland University organizational culture has the ceremonial Mace, red and gold flag, a student handbook and picture gallery.  These cultural artifacts values of truth, harmony, justice, passion, integrity, and love.

Organizational Culture of Your Positive Organization

Henry Ford Ford Hospital

The cultural values that Henry Ford Hospital associate with are values of purpose, collaboration, integrity, health, and innovation. To maintain and preserve its organizational culture, Henry Ford Hospital must develop a code of ethics and policy programs that will be used as guidelines. The code of conduct will help their staff to conduct their roles and responsibilities with the set guidelines. Violations of this code of ethics should have consequences. Policy programs will also help the team to work within the limits of resources and achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. Employees selection is the function of the human resource department. In this regard, the selection process should be in such a way that it focuses on qualification rather than other factors such as color, ethnicity or gender. Such kind of discrimination would have a bad image and reputation of the organization.

Henry Ford Hospital should focus on a horizontal mode of communication. These modes of communication will allow the flow of communication from the executives to the employees. In this regard, the management should come up with a comprehensive performance appraisal that provides for dialogue and feedback. To promote diversity in the workplace, it is imperative for the organization to set s side a day for celebrating and integrating the diverse employees with the organization. This should become a norm for the organization and should be held every six months.

Quicken Loans

Through its picture gallery, it is evident that Quicken Loans values integrity, innovation, leadership. To better keep its culture alive, it is imperative for Quicken Loan to have in place policy procedures that act as the guidelines. Quicken Loan should select its employees based on merit. The top management is therefore responsible for developing policy programs and making strategic plans that will not only attract potential employees but also help to retain them.

To enhance and encourage employee socialization, Quicken Loan should focus on promoting team building that includes all the employees and the management. Employee performance appraisals have been noted as an effective tool for socializing with employees (Bolman & Deal 2017). Finally, it is imperative for Quicken Loan to have a cultural day every one year to celebrate diversity.



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