Organizational Design and Structure: Starbucks

Organizational Design and Structure: Starbucks

I am familiar with Starbucks Corporation, and they are using a matrix organizational structure. The company’s success is as a result of its organizational structure that influences the management and leadership, change and communication. I will consider the same organization to be a hybrid since it entails different features. Starbucks Coffee’s organizational structure has the following main features. First, it has the functional structure whereby the organization is grouped based on business function (Meyer, 2015). For instance, the corporation has a finance department, human resource department, and marketing department.

Second, it has the geographic divisions. Starbucks Corporation has expanded globally hence it has three regional divisions that include Americas, China and Asian- Pacific and Europe, Middle East, Russia and Africa. Besides, the company has further geographic divisions in the U.S market. It has divided the divisions into Western, Northwest, Southeast and Northeast. Third, in its hybrid mixture, the company also uses product based divisions. For instance, the company has a division for baked goods, merchandise, and coffee and related products (Meyer, 2015). Lastly, the company employs teams in its organizational structure. They have teams in each café that provide services to the customers.

Starbucks Corporation’s organizational design and structure are effective and efficient. Given the products the company offers, the company focusses on customer experience. The company has utilized matrix organizational structure and served their customers better since it groups employees based on functions and products (Meyer, 2015). Moreover, it has created new regional divisions and provided training to the teams at Starbuck’s Cafés.



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