Organizational Leadership

Organizational leadership is very important for the success of any business. Hospital leadership involvement in quality improvement is very crucial since it strengthens the activities the hospital practices in a bid to improve the quality of the services they offer. There are different elements of organizational leadership, which are defined by the activities of the business. Five index scores indicate the involvement of proper leadership in the hospital.

The first one is that the board receives formal reports regularly showing quality performance measurements. With the reports, the leaders are able to analyze the quality situation in the business, and help in coming up with ways to help in quality improvement. Some of the new ideas they could try are making quality a major line of responsibility. Secondly, the leaders should ensure that the company spends less than 25% of their time on quality issues (Vaughn, Koepke, Kroch, Lehrman, Sinha, & Levey, 2006). It leaves more time for them to enact the strategies put in place to improve the quality.

Thirdly, the board needs to interact highly with the medical staff since this will facilitate the achievement of the quality strategies. The compensations offered to senior executives of the hospital are based on quality improvement performance. Finally, it is significant for the CEO of the group to be identified as a significant reason behind the greatest impact on quality improvement (Vaughn, Koepke, Kroch, Lehrman, Sinha, & Levey, 2006).

Despite the proper organizational leadership, there are situations whereby the company needs to apply the triple loops of learning, in cases where the organization has failed in its strategies for quality improvement (Maulik, Ransom, Nash, & Ransom, 2014). The most probable loops of learning applicable for the business is a double and the single loop of learning. The double loop ensures that the group learns how to incorporate proper networking by considering the method of networking and the pattern in which it works. The element of single loop learning works by making slight changes on behavior and practices that prevent efficient achievement of quality improvement.



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