Organizational Mission and Goals

At the onset of CCAC contract services, limited resources led to the ineffective function of the One-Time Home Agency. Although this was unexpected, renewing and revising the appropriate strategic management plan was essential to manage the efficiency of all staff members. The manager, therefore, made a strategic management plan to create a long term performance in the development of the firm. Generally, consideration was established to help the agency develop a comprehensive and inclusive business model to incorporate the new contact and determine a new way of sensitizing community nurses and employees.

The agency mandates the subordinate staff to have a combined effort in increasing and accommodating health care needs, under mild restriction without interfering with the retraining process of CCAC in terminating the contract to maintain profit flow.The strategic management process formulated successive steps that will help in identifying the existing strategic plan, mission, and goal of the community agency (Peñarroja et al., 2019). Lack of an adequately outlined mission statement remains vital that has strengthened the position of the agency in the business setting. Similarly, developing a comprehensive mission statement helps in creating uniqueness in one’s business as well as makes the exemplary services which are attractive.  Notably, with an increasing number of home care agencies in a competitive market, maximum effort should be deployed to create a high-quality product; thus, enjoying monopoly(Patel et al., 2015). The one-Time Home Agency also requires a first mission statement to motivate the staff as well as create standardbehavior.

Additionally, the strategic plan should explain the goals of the agency as well as try to fathom the ways of realizing the effectiveness of the goals. For example, the lack of technology in the system should be adjusted to increase work efficiency for the One-Term Agency nurses. The nurses should be allowed to access their phones to reduce divided attention while at work (Patel et al., 2015). All the patients with complicated health issues such as pressure and ulcers should be given immediate care. The Board of Directors should maintain a balanced budget to balance the difference between cost and profit. Overall, another crucial goal should aim at limiting the language barrier between the staff and the clients especially if the duty extends to home referrals. Executing the goals and missions helps in achieving all stated plans and strategies in the business process.




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