Organizational Statements: Mission, Vision and Values

Organizational Statements: Mission, Vision and Values


To become a leader in giving hope by contributing to the well-being and health of patients and the community at large through the application of integrated medical practice, education and research.


To transform and create a healthcare experience by fostering a caring culture, safety, quality and excellence through service to enable patients and their families, physicians, employees, volunteers and the community identify us as; the best place to receive care, a great organization to work for and best  health organization to practice medicine.

Values Statement

Respect: Treat each individual within the greater community, which includes patients, families and workmates with dignity

Integrity: Maintain a high standard of professionalism, personal responsibility and ethical practice to match our patient’s trust.

Compassion: Employ empathy and sensitivity while treating patients and their family members to offer the best care.

Innovation: Apply creative ideas and the uniqueness of each employee to enhance and improve the lives and conditions of those we serve.

Teamwork: Value and Blend the skills of individual staff members to high levels of unmatched collaboration.

Definitions and Meanings

Mission Statement

Implies to the health organization’s objectives and provides ways through which the organization intends to meet them (SHRM, 2018; Wartnaby, 2014). In this case, the organization intends to become the best in provision of healthcare, which in turn provides hope to the community as a place where they can turn to when not feeling well. To achieve this, the organization intends to invest in integrated clinical practices, education and research.

Vision Statement

The vision statements explains the organization’s plans and how they associate to overall organizational goals and objectives (Wartnaby, 2014). This makes it easy to explain the objectives and goals to stakeholders. In our case therefore, the organization intends to promote a good culture, which in turn will increase safety, quality of service and excellence, which will make the organization a leader in the healthcare sector.

Values statement

These are the core values and principles that support the organization’s vision culture and our philosophy in general. These values help bring character to the group, and helps team leaders guide and mange teams through ethical behavior. This includes respect, compassion and teamwork among others (SHRM, 2018).

Importance of the Statements to the organizations

The mission statement is of importance since it defines the business, products, services and customers. It equally enables an organization to differentiate itself from competitors by describing what they do, for whom they do it and for what reasons (SHRM, 2018).

The vision statement on the other hand is important since it explains how the future will look in the event that the organization attains its mission. However, the vision must have information that is credible, attractive and realistic to the future of the organization.

Finally, the values, also identified a guiding principles provide the organization with a platform to establish and nurture the required behaviors within the organization.

Communicating Statements

There are several methods the management can utilize to communicate statements to leadership. Firstly visual aids, which include PowerPoint presentation and slideshows should incorporate items from the statements. Additionally, slogans and company colors throughout the workplace, should help enforce the visual aids (SHRM, 2018). Secondly, employee meetings can be held where the management explains the similarities and differences between the new statements and previous one’s while maintaining a positive and actionable tone. Finally, the leadership can opt to send mass emails to employees with details regarding the changes in mission, vision and value statements explaining the need for a shift, and why adapting the new changes is in the best interest of the organization.

Measuring Statement Effectiveness

The Mission, vision, and values statements define the overall culture and climate within an organization. The leadership can determine their effectiveness by setting specific indicators which highlight the effectives, or lack of in organizational statements (Ekpe, Eneh, & Inyang, 2015). For instance, performance measurements such as number of patients received within a specific time, or profits made can help determine the mission statements. This metrics can also be used for the vision statement. Conducting a Survey on customers and departmental heads, can then help determine the effectiveness of values based on attitudes toward the nature of services provided.


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